5 Unexpected Colors for Your Bedroom

Trying to decide on a new color for your bedroom? Why not make it a little unexpected? Take a chance and consider these lush, luxurious colors.

Orange Ya Glad We Picked Orange?

We’re presenting the color first that may fill you with the most skepticism: orange. In a bedroom. Really? No matter if you pick an orange that has red undertones, or yellow ones, it’s still warm, comfortable, and luscious.

Stonehill Bedroom Set











Harveill Bedroom Set










Purple, on Purpose.  

Sure, purple has to be done correctly or it can either look like a ten year old’s bedroom or so dark it’s almost black. Purple can be beautiful and romantic, but also make sure it’s contrasted with some lighter colors and something with a sheen so it doesn’t feel like a dungeon.

Deep, Dark Blues. 

It’s very, very hard to go wrong with the color blue. There’s so many gorgeous shades of it that are appropriate for every single kind of room. Deep blues are perfect for bedrooms because they create an intimate and inviting atmosphere that you want with your space to sleep, your space to relax to inhabit.

Leo Blue Bedroom Set










Bring the Zing with Teal.

Like all good zings, teal is at its best at just the right time with the perfect timing. Use teal to bring an energy to the bedroom but use it as an accent color in a space that is otherwise decorated neutrally.
Montana Bedroom Set










Brown Is Not Boring. 

Brown is frequently used but it’s not over done. Warm browns are usually found in the furnishings like the bed frames, dressers, and nightstands. Balance out brown with bright colored accent pieces like arm chairs or lamps, or even bright white will lighten the color scheme.

Giovanni Bedroom Set








Brown Brown


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