Decorating Your First Home…Together

The big step. It’s practically the BIGGEST step you can take in a relationship…moving in together and then DECORATING TOGETHER. How do you do it? Do you have to throw out precious items that you’ve had in your own home to make room for someone else’s precious things? What’s on the compromise list and what isn’t? What about a budget? And how, oh how, are two styles expected to be combined successfully and tastefully? Bonus: if all of this happens with no, or let’s be realistic, few arguments.

Let’s break it down into four decision points: discuss these together and then decide what details can be figured out individually. 



Lighting is a big decision because not everyone likes the same type of light. How do the two of you fall on this issue? Is bright overhead lights, right? Or is nice and soft the way you want to go? In several rooms, you may not get to choose but in the ones where you do, this is a decision that you’ll have to make.

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The lighting fixtures. There’s plenty of places where personality can insert itself in the light fixture. For example, lighting fixtures don’t even have to be the same from bathroom to bathroom. So divide as evenly as possible, and each of you pick the fixtures that you like. This can also be exercised with lamps that fit your separate styles.

Furniture and Rugs

Decide on main pieces together and buy them together. Both of you will be sitting on the furniture so it needs to be the same amount of comfortable. Make a mutual decision on the color and style you both like and a list of fabrics that both of you like, but also suits your lifestyle. Have a dog, or cat? Maybe a fabric that won’t embed every single strand of fur would make your life easier, for example.


Want an area rug? Research what each of you want and like separately, and compromise on the styles and colors that overlaps.

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Wall color, as we know, can make a huge statement. The good feeling about wall paint is that it’s relatively inexpensive and if you make a mistake, it can be remedied easily. Decide together if you both want to take any risks with color for the walls.


If you don’t want to go bold, you have your answer and it’s simple to stick to a white or gray palette. But if your opinions differ, again see where your tastes meet in the middle. And maybe if one of you likes something a little more outstanding and the other is opposed, take that bright color to the basement, or a small space like the bathroom. An accent wall is always an option, too.

Bedroom Attire


Bedrooms are important because good sleep is important. As far as bed linens go use the same logic as for the furniture: something that you both agree is comfortable and a bedspread that you wouldn’t mind looking at every day.


Compromise on the kind of furniture you want in the bedroom…do you want matching nightstands or not? Perhaps the person who doesn’t get to pick the lamps, picks the curtains. A rustic style headboard, or a cushioned headboard? Personalize each side of your bed with personalized objects, like photos, books, and small items that comfort and relax you.Outland Bedroom SetWindsor Silver Bedroom Set

What has your experience been decorating a home with another person? Let us know of any problems and/or ideas that comes along with compromising with home decorating in the comments below!


Lauren is a professional copywriter at American Freight Furniture and Mattress. She enjoys spending time with her family, decorating (and then redecorating) her home, and spending time wherever there are shelves of books!