Accessories and Details
Toffee Wood Bronze 3 Lamp Multi-Pack

Featured Friday: Toffee Wood Bronze Lamps

Introducing our new Stylecraft line of accessories! This Featured Friday, the Toffee Wood Bronze Three Lamp Multi-Pack, includes not one, but two table lamps, and one floor lamp. The intricate toffee brown wood spiral design is featured as the entire base of the table lamps, and a smaller version of the carved design is situated at the top of the floor lamp. The topper is the tan pleated lamp shades with the dark bro
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Invisible television

How to Create a TV “Invisible” Media Room (When You Choose)

A space designed to be everything: family room and a home theater by night. Unless you have a gigantic home with twenty rooms, it’s 99% certain that you’ll have to decorate around a television in your main living area. Exactly what style goes best with a big black box? You can try to hide it in an entertainment center, or decorate around it if it’s mounted on a wall, but that’s not quite incorporating it into a room
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Tuesday Teaser

Tuesday Teaser: Unscramble the Name

Unscramble the name of this week’s Tuesday Teaser…and then stop into your local American Freight store to pick up a piece of furniture that will hold your television, all of your electronics, and however else you choose to decorate this…Tuesday Teaser.  Let us know your answer in the comments section below!   (14)
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Boroughs 3 Piece Table Set

Featured Friday: Boroughs 3 Piece Table Set

We’re carving away at the marble trend this Featured Friday with the Boroughs 3 Piece Table Set! The Boroughs coffee and two end tables are compact, casual, and the perfect size for a small scale living space! The table tops feature a cool, trendy multi-gray, faux marble block pattern. The charcoal gray bases are a smart transitional design including rounded corners, straight square legs with notched details, and ang
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Pick Pocket Brazil Sofa & Loveseat

Rustic Decor Roundup!

Lucky people that have a getaway home in the woods, on the beach, or in the mountains may be very tempted to decorate it with a nod to the location. After all, how fun is it to decorate a house just steps from the beach with a fish and ocean theme? A cabin in the woods just begs for a cutesy forest animal wonderland theme, with a dash of stylish furniture made with various wood materials. But you don’t have to have a
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Omaha 3 Piece Table Set

Featured Friday: Omaha 3 Piece Table Set

Sometimes it takes just a few pieces to tie a room together. Sometimes it’s just three pieces. The Omaha Table Set has exactly that number of pieces. The coffee table, and two end tables, features a unique and different silhouette:  thick legged and a thick table top structure. The slightly slanted table legs, with a lower shelf, and the smooth chestnut brown finish, is a neutral set that will not only tie the room t
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Hudson 3 Piece Table Set

Featured Friday: Hudson 3 Piece Table Set

Let’s say your mother has been hinting that she would like to update her living room furniture. Help your mom out over the holidays! Get your siblings together and go in on a holiday gift together to get her started! There’s no reason to struggle with a decision…a great group gift and place to start is with the Hudson 3 Piece Table Set. The Hudson coffee table and the two end tables has tubular metal legs and sheet m
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Featured Friday: Accessories

Hear ye, hear ye, don’t forget about our Accessories! We wanted to take the time to highlight our Accessory category on this beautiful fall Featured Friday. You probably know about the stylish living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture, as well as the wide variety of mattresses that are stocked at all of our 115 store locations, but did you know you can shop American Freight Furniture for accessories like lamps,
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Townhouse 3 Piece Table Set

Featured Friday: Townhouse 3 Piece Table Set

So many people are moving or have recently moved into a new place at school, whether it be a dorm room or apartment. Are you one of them? Are you looking around your new space thinking that something is missing but there’s not a lot of room, and the budget is low? The Townhouse 3 Piece Table Set is streamlined and compact so it is scaled to fit for small space living. Not only is the coffee table, and two end tables
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Roma 3 Piece Table Set

Featured Friday: Roma 3 Piece Table Set

Classic, traditional, yet edgy! The Roma 3 Piece Table Set is a rich, trendy combination of wood and metal…more specifically, of beautiful oak and bronze. The mixed materials create a coffee table, and two end tables, that would be at home in any living space because of the versatility of the set. Let’s dig deeper into the details: the oak finished table and shelf tops on the three tables is stunning in it its own ri
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