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Townhouse 3 Piece Table Set

Featured Friday: Townhouse 3 Piece Table Set

So many people are moving or have recently moved into a new place at school, whether it be a dorm room or apartment. Are you one of them? Are you looking around your new space thinking that something is missing but there’s not a lot of room, and the budget is low? The Townhouse 3 Piece Table Set is streamlined and compact so it is scaled to fit for small space living. Not only is the coffee table, and two end tables
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Roma 3 Piece Table Set

Featured Friday: Roma 3 Piece Table Set

Classic, traditional, yet edgy! The Roma 3 Piece Table Set is a rich, trendy combination of wood and metal…more specifically, of beautiful oak and bronze. The mixed materials create a coffee table, and two end tables, that would be at home in any living space because of the versatility of the set. Let’s dig deeper into the details: the oak finished table and shelf tops on the three tables is stunning in it its own ri
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Cole Table Set

Featured Friday: Cole 3 Piece Table Set

Statement. Stand out. Sculptural. Star burst? The uniquely crafted Cole Three Piece Table Set provides structural interest that you won’t want to hide behind a sofa, (even if it’s a really beautiful sofa). The star burst design on the legs and base of the coffee table and two end tables are finished with a classic, and beautiful espresso finish. The contemporary intertwining base pattern is a striking juxtaposition t
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Seasonal Settings and Centerpieces for your Dining Room Table

As spring arrives, so do opportunities for a fresh start with home décor, and there’s no easier or more effective place to usher in a new seasonal style than in the dining room. With new settings and centerpieces that reflect the spirit of spring and summer, your dining room will be ready to host an Easter dinner, a Mother’s Day brunch, a summer cookout, and more. Check out the seasonal settings and cente
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Thurner Media Chest

Featured Friday: Thurner Media Chest

  Spring! It’s so close. It means opening the doors and windows, and letting in the fresh, warm(er) air. It means airing out the stale winter season…which means a little spring cleaning.Spring cleaning is all about organizing, renewing and refreshing. And if you’re going to get serious about organization, you need a piece that promotes organizing. The Thurner Media Chest has a three shelf open front with b
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Seattle 3 Piece Table Set

Featured Friday: Seattle 3 Piece Table Set

Call us stuck on the topic, but anything that isn’t winter, is appealing. So the Seattle beautiful three piece table set, besides a stylish addition to a home, reminds us of rain. Because it’s rainy in Seattle. And rain is to spring, like the snow is to winter, and we really, really want it to be spring. See? Stuck. But we won’t let that deter us from the topic at hand: the Seattle 3 Piece Table Set. This set include
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Light Up a Room with the Right Lamp

Lighting in a bedroom is very specific. It depends on if you prefer a darker room where no bright light will ever shine in your eyes. You may be the type of person that only has curtains hanging because it brings some color to the room. But they’re always pulled back so the morning light can get in. It also depends on what type of furniture you have in the bedroom. Do you tend to get ready in the bathroom? Or do you
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Espresso Media Stand

Featured Friday: Espresso 2 Door Media Stand

The Espresso 2 Door Media Stand is just what you need after unwrapping your gifts. After all, where are you going to place that shiny new, television, or store the brand new game console, and stack the five games waiting to be played? This 62″ media stand is created from solid hardwood with beautiful espresso-finished veneers. The two closed doors leaves plenty of room for side storage space, and the glass inse
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Finding the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Space

A coffee table is an often overlooked and under-appreciated element of a living room; however, this piece of furniture actually has a much greater impact on the overall aesthetic and function of a space than we sometimes give it credit for. In fact, it can serve as the defining feature (or detractor) of a living room. Unsure of what makes for a perfect coffee table? This definition is no doubt specific to every indiv
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Rain Drop Table Lamp

Featured Friday: Rain Drop Table Lamp

It is possible to own elegance for an affordable price…just take a long, lingering look at American Freight’s Rain Drop Table Lamps. These lamps are the smaller equivalent of hanging a chandelier from the ceiling: instant luxury. Place them in a room where you like entertain family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere set by the light reflecting off of the three graduating levels of hanging crystals. The Rain Drop Ta
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