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Finding the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Space

A coffee table is an often overlooked and under-appreciated element of a living room; however, this piece of furniture actually has a much greater impact on the overall aesthetic and function of a space than we sometimes give it credit for. In fact, it can serve as the defining feature (or detractor) of a living room. Unsure of what makes for a perfect coffee table? This definition is no doubt specific to every indiv
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Rain Drop Table Lamp

Featured Friday: Rain Drop Table Lamp

It is possible to own elegance for an affordable price…just take a long, lingering look at American Freight’s Rain Drop Table Lamps. These lamps are the smaller equivalent of hanging a chandelier from the ceiling: instant luxury. Place them in a room where you like entertain family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere set by the light reflecting off of the three graduating levels of hanging crystals. The Rain Drop Ta
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The Best Type of Lighting for Your Living Room

The living room is usually the most popular place at home. Here, family, friends, and pets gather to visit, watch television, read, and, especially around the holidays, to play numerous board games. Taking these activities into consideration is why lighting is important in this room. Natural light is always the best but when the sun sets, or it’s just a gloomy day, the right lighting can make all the difference. Ligh
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Featured Friday: Sparkle Coffee and End Table Set

Most people think about seating when they are considering how to furnish their living room, but coffee and end tables are just as important! These give you space to store things, play games with friends, set drinks and popcorn during movie night, and much more. Coffee tables don’t have to be boring – go for something with personality, like the Sparkle set! The Sparkle coffee and end table set offers a gre
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Seattle set

Tuesday Teaser: Find the Differences in the Seattle Set

The Seattle coffee and end table set has a gorgeous contemporary look that we love. It works well with a variety of decor thanks to the gorgeous finish and fun shape. Can you find five differences between these two photos of the Seattle coffee and end table set? Look closely – a few of them are tricky! Leave us a comment with the differences you can find in this week’s Tuesday Teaser. Find out more about
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Featured Friday: Hudson Coffee Table Set

We’re living in a snowglobe this Friday at the home office – how about you? My plan is to go home and kick back with a cup of hot cocoa, but before I do I wanted to show you this awesome Hudson coffee table set available from American Freight. The Hudson coffee table set offers mainstream, industrial styling that blends perfectly with a casual, contemporary life. Tubular metal legs and sheet framing are f
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Modern coffee table decor

How to Style Coffee Table Decor

If your home is anything like mine, you have a coffee table in the middle of your living room with the intent of decorating it, but instead all kinds of useless clutter seems to pile up there. Pretty soon it has become more of a storage space rather than a focal point in your room – but that can change! Styling your coffee table decor does not have to be as overwhelming as it may feel. Consider height and scale. Arra
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Tips for Buying Accent Furniture

Most homes have many of the same major pieces of furniture – couch, chair, dining table, bed, or dresser, for example. You can certainly express your style with these pieces of furniture, but many times you can truly make your room your own with your choice of accent furniture. Without accent furniture, large rooms would be bare and feel empty, so it is important to choose the right accents for your room without choo
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