Valencia 5 Piece Dining Set

Tuesday Teaser: Dining Set Word Search

‘FUN,’ brought to you on this Tuesday by the Valencia Dining Set! Enjoy our furniture themed word search and let us know how many you find in the comments section.     (72)
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McGregor 5 Piece Dinette Set

Featured Friday: McGregor 5 Piece Dinette Set

Did your dining room feel a bit neglected last year? We have a solution to that problem for the new year! The GORGEOUS McGregor 5 Piece Dinette Set is the set your dining room was waiting for all of 2015. The casual style, the generous length of the table, and the dark midnight brown finish with warm undertones of the McGregor 5 Piece Dinette Set is invitingly comfortable, and a beautiful dining room showstopper.  Th
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Tuesday Teaser: Fill in the Blanks

Tuesday Teaser: Fill in the Blanks

This Tuesday Teaser has some holes…in the dining set’s name. That you need to fill in. You should go here if you need some help solving the puzzle. And then you should stay here and browse. Because sometimes there’s nothing better on a Tuesday than looking at beautiful furniture. Once you figure it out, let us know the answer in the comments section below! (6)
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Doing Your Kitchen Up Right

There are a couple different kinds of people in the world: those that live in the kitchen, and those that avoid it at all costs, at least to cook. But no matter how much time you spend in the kitchen, and it may be your new year’s resolution to spend more, it’s still a room in your home, and for that reason alone, it should look cute, and still be able to function properly. Organize your cooking spices. Even if you d
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Electra Pub Set

Featured Friday: Electra 3 Piece Pub Set

Happy New Year! How are you starting off 2016? Doesn’t a beautiful, leisurely breakfast, and big cup of coffee sound fantastic?Wouldn’t you love to have a cozy table set for a cozy, quiet corner? Make one of your resolutions this year to take time for yourself each day. The Electra 3 Piece Pub Set can make this possible. The casual mix of metal and marbella is perfect for a breakfast nook or an apartment space. The p
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Setting a Beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner Table

The holidays integrate many important parts of life: family, friends, food, and decorating. Some beautiful decorative lights, or receiving a seasonal card in the mail is enough to get into the holiday spirit. A beautifully set Thanksgiving table can invoke the warm and fuzzy feelings, too. For most people, a formal dinner is something that only occurs around the holidays. So why not go all out?! Create a beautiful ba
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Redondo Dinette

Featured Friday: Redondo 7 Piece Dinette Set

The big meal is right around the corner. Thanksgiving is less than one week away…do you need somewhere to sit? Would you like somewhere to sit? THAT can be arranged! The Redondo 7 Piece Dinette Set has a casual, sturdy look that’s relaxed and livable, with a rustic, yet vibrant, cherry stain that is shaded with a dark burnishing. This set just invites you to sit down with the soft, square edge shapes, sturdy square l
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Featured Friday: Omaha Brown 6 Piece Dinette Set

Are you back into the back to school routine yet? The homework? The strict bedtime schedule? Sitting down together for dinner as a family and talking about what happened during the day? The Omaha Brown 6 Piece Dinette Set can help you out with two of these activities. You might be on your own when it comes to bedtime, at least when it comes down to the Omaha Brown. (But American Freight does have beds, mattresses, an
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Redondo Driftwood 7 Piece Dinette Set

Tuesday Teaser: Redondo Dinette Set: Find the Hidden Images

The Redondo Driftwood 7 Piece Dinette Set is the center of attention in this Tuesday Teaser, but do you notice a trend in the decor? If you guessed the hot, delicious beverage essential for the mornings (or all day), COFFEE, you’re right! How many coffee decorations can you spot in the Redondo Driftwood Dinette Set picture? Let us know in the comments below!     (53)
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Special Dining Room Set

Dining Rooms: Yes or No? (We say, YES!)

Some people may be over the dining room. We’re not. Not by a long shot. And others aren’t over dining rooms either. So, if you’re thinking about turning your dining room into an office space or playroom, think about it just a little bit more. Your dining room can be turn out to be the most interesting room in your home. Whether you entertain often, or just for special occasions, dining rooms should be the designated
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