Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Entertain Guests

So, you like to entertain. You like to have people over to your home. You like to socialize, make food, and throw the best Super Bowl/game night/dinner party, in the neighborhood. You know throwing the best kind of get-togethers involves preparation and planning. It’s not for amateurs. It’s the difference between your guests having a good time, and making up an excuse every time you invite them over again. Your home
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Formal Living: The Comeback

How to Go Formal Again Formal rooms can transport one back to another time. It may be a memory of a grandparent’s home complete with plastic on the furniture, and extended family holiday dinners. But a connection to the past is comforting, and there is something special about a room devoted to eating, visiting, and entertaining. It seems many people are feeling this way, as formal living areas are making a comeback,
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Casual and Formal Dining Sets

Selecting a dining set can be difficult, particularly if you’re torn between casual and formal styles, both of which are unique in function and appearance. At American Freight.us, we’re here to offer reviews of both our casual and formal dining sets, and provide key questions to consider when making your selection. Consider: How will you and your family primarily use your dining set? If your dining set will often be
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Furnishing a New Home on a Budget

  After buying their house, the first thing new home owners question is the best way to decorate and furnish it.  The thrill of having a blank slate is cause enough for some people to move. Yet interior design can become expensive. Your living room sofa, dining room set, and bedroom set are all high priced items. American Freight Reviews will help you prioritize and minimize your cost so you can furnish your new
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kitchen makeover

Simple Kitchen Makeover Ideas

A kitchen makeover is a great way to add value to your home, but many people avoid doing so because they think it has to be an expensive project. In reality, there are some simple ways to can update your kitchen without emptying your wallet – we’ve noted some of them below. Paint, paint, paint. Updating the paint in your kitchen is a great way to add character. Use neutral colors – this way you can
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Ally set

Featured Friday: Ally Dinette Set

It’s almost Memorial Day, and many people enjoy cooking to with family and friends to celebrate. The Ally dinette is a great set for enjoying meals at your home with guests no matter how small your space may be, so we’re highlighting it in this week’s Featured Friday! The five-piece Ally dinette set is compact, so it is perfect for small dining spaces and eat-in kitchens. Despite its size, it is ful
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Tuesday Teaser

Tuesday Teaser – Find the Differences

In this week’s Tuesday Teaser, we want to see if you can find the five differences between these two photos of the Maldives! Look closely – we got a little sneaky this time! Leave a comment with the differences you notice in our Tuesday Teaser, and check out the description of the Maldives dinette set below. We think you’ll love it! Stop into your local American Freight today to get one for your hom
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Featured Friday: Kayla Dinette Set

Friday is here, Facebook fans, and at the home office we’re just happy that the polar vortex has moved out of our area! Things are warming up (for now), but we know a lot of you are still feeling that winter chill. Enjoy a meal with your family in the warmth instead of braving the cold weather with the stylish and functional Kayla dinette set. The Kayla dinette features a round table and four chairs for comfortable s
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name scramble

Tuesday Teaser: Name Scramble

For this week’s Tuesday Teaser, we’ve posted another name scramble for you to solve! We’re loving this dining set – it’s modern, sleek, and simple, but can make a big statement in your dining room. Can you unscramble the name of this American Freight dinette? LTCYSAR TNDTEEI (4)
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Havana dining room table with bench

Furniture Shopping for a Dining Room Table

A dining room table is a very important piece of furniture – not only is it where you sit down to have a meal, but for many families, it is the place they come together to talk about their day and spend quality time together. Dining room tables come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one for your needs depends on your personal taste, the size of your room, and more. Before heading out to shop for your new
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