Conner 5 Piece Counter Height Dinette

5 Reasons Why We Love Round Dining Room Tables

While we love the look and versatility of rectangular and square dining room tables, round tables make every meal a little more intimate. Usually, they aren’t as large as a rectangular table, and there’s no pointy corners in between you and the other diners. At American Freight, we have 5 reasons why we love round (or oval) dining room tables. 1. Electra 3 Piece Pub Set Why we love the Electra: Pub-height. Metal and
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Omaha Grey Dinette Set

Featured Friday: Omaha Grey 6 Piece Dinette Set

The beautiful Omaha Grey Dinette Set is our Featured Furniture this week because, well, it’s beautiful! Look at it! The style of the Omaha is casual, rustic, and transitional. The weathered, light gray finish and the upholstered dining chairs that feature the popular X-back motif will complement any dining area. The three inch thick table top sits on a trestle base that is perfect for gathering around with friends an
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All Shades of Gray

‘Fifty shades of grey’ has a whole different meaning for us…we love to DECORATE with many shades of (the color) gray! It’s a 2015 décor trend that continues to grow. And why not? It’s versatile, classic, and the color pairings are endless. There tends to be a version for every style choice. Have an affection for contemporary? Go for a cool, icy gray. If you’re going for something homier, pick a warm muddy tone. As al
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Country Charm: Rustic Style for Your Home

For some, rustic styling comes naturally whether because of locale or because of a skill, like carpentry. But this type of style appeals to many people who may just not know where to begin. The rustic style is comforting and warm. It’s pulling from long ago and is proof that everything DOES eventually come full circle. Embrace the rustic touches by: Looking into flooring. Wood floors that have a grain or texture, but
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Featured Friday: Pendleton 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Start the weekend off right by dining in style at American Freight’s contemporary dinette set, the Pendleton. Whether you are sitting down to dinner with the family, or entertaining a few guests, the Pendleton 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set, is perfect. The dinette set is finished in a dark cherry color and outlined in dark brown edges, and the table complements the clean lines and the slat-backed chairs with the
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How to Set a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

The holidays integrate many parts of life: family, friends, food, and decorating. Some beautiful decorative lights or receiving a seasonal card in the mail is enough to get into the holiday spirit. A beautifully set Thanksgiving table can invoke the same feelings. For most people, a formal dinner is something that happens only around the holidays. So why not go all out? Create a beautiful backdrop that is worthy of a
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Pompei 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Dining Room Rugs for Your Dinette Set

There is one important question directed to all of our inner interior designers: is a rug important? And is there such a thing as a rug that works well in the dining room? (Okay, that’s two questions.) Yes! A rug is important and the size of it is MOST important. And also, yes, a dining room rug may not be important BUT it can look awesome under your dinette set or table. A dining room rug that is both practical, sty
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Dinette Set

Featured Friday: Havana 8 Piece Dinette Set

  It’s holiday season! Does your holiday guest list get bigger and bigger every year? Does your family just keep growing? Is this the first time you’re hosting the holiday meals? The Havana 8 Piece Dining Set is the first purchase to make sure everyone has a seat. The rectangular, (long enough for three chairs on one side), Havana dinette set is finished with a rich, dark brown and the table top is spaciou
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Small Kitchen

No Clutter Dinette Sets for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that has multiple uses. First and foremost, it is almost always the room to gather in, no matter if you have a large or small group, people always end up hanging out in the kitchen. And of course, there’s the cooking and food related business. If you have a small kitchen, you may think the gathering part is out of the question. But it’s not. You just need to work with th
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Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Entertain Guests

So, you like to entertain. You like to have people over to your home. You like to socialize, make food, and throw the best Super Bowl/game night/dinner party, in the neighborhood. You know throwing the best kind of get-togethers involves preparation and planning. It’s not for amateurs. It’s the difference between your guests having a good time, and making up an excuse every time you invite them over again. Your home
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