Bennett Futon

Featured Friday: Bennett Futon

A home office space is special. How nice to have a room where it makes design sense to put a computer, a desk, and books. To have an office space where you can put a perfect piece like the Bennett Futon: priceless. The Bennett Futon just looks like it belongs in an office with its sleek chocolate brown leather-like upholstery and tufted cushions. But the “hidden” functionality makes it a great place to relax after si
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Working with Your Home Office

An earlier post on this blog focused on the work office, a place where there are more restrictions on style, as well the furniture that you can use. But at home, in your home office, you can do what you want. Your home office may not even be just an office; it could be a space that is also used as a spare bedroom, or a playroom. This kind of situation means creativity with space and organization, as well as creating
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Put Your Office Space to Work

So, you work from home. This post is NOT for you! (You’ll get one, though! Since the possibilities are endless with the design you can put into effect at home, as opposed to an office, that topic warrants its own post. Seriously. You could sit in a leather reclining sofa all day. Lucky.) For those who occupy a desk, cubicle, or office for the majority of the day, and week, it’s important to stay organized in a limite
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Creating a Stylish, Functional, and Productive Home Office Space

Doing work at home does not mean that your home office space has to be drab and boring. Unlike a corporate setting, having an office at your house allows you to incorporate your personality into your design. Below are some great tips for easily making this office space yours. Choose the Perfect Home Office Location When picking which room you want for your office space, don’t automatically choose something with the s
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