Featured Friday: Ulysses Chocolate Sofa Loveseat Set

Friday is here, and hopefully it is as beautiful of a day by you as it is here at the office! This week we just got in the Ulysses Chocolate Sofa Loveseat set, and as soon as we saw it we knew we had to feature it for this week’s Featured Friday. The Ulysses Chocolate sofa loveseat set is a timeless, transitional set that will be a stunning collection for any home. Each piece offers a blend of rich, rawhide lea
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Choosing Between Fabric and Leather Furniture

When shopping for upholstery, the age-old question always seems to be whether to purchase pieces covered in leather or fabric, like microfiber or chenille. Before you make a decision, it is important to know the differences between the two furniture fabrics. Microfiber is made up of many small fibers that are tightly woven together. Because the fibers are so fine, durability and flexibility is given to the fabric. It
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Featured Friday: Cosmo Dinette

Not only is it Friday, but its a holiday weekend – hopefully that means a Monday off for many of you! In light of all the fun we’ll be having this Labor Day, we wanted to showcase one of our fun new dinettes – the Cosmo Adjustable Height 5-Piece Storage Dinette! The Cosmo is a dynamic new concept for dining that pairs a modern look with great functionality. A 40-inch round table has a hydraulic pist
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New Simmons Mattress Lineup at American Freight

Did you know that you should replace your mattress every eight years? After thousands of nights of sleep, your mattress almost doubles in weight from all of the dead skin and sweat that comes off of your body throughout the night. A mattress can be a big investment, but you want to make sure you’re buying the best mattress for your needs so you can sleep better and wake more rested. American Freight recently implemen
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Featured Friday: Baccarat Taupe Sectional

It’s a fabulous Friday, so it’s time for our weekly feature! I’m so excited to showcase the Baccarat Taupe sectional, a huge three-piece sectional measuring with an entire length of 221″ and a chaise length of 64″. It features two rolled, tucked arms for a high-end designer look and scatterback pillows that can easily be removed and rearranged whenever you please. Six gorgeous accent pil
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Featured Friday: Jefferson Chocolate Sofa/Loveseat

The weekend is upon us, so it’s time for this week’s Featured Friday – the Jefferson Chocolate Sofa and Loveseat set! This gorgeous brown set is covered with a leather-like fabric on the outside that is both durable and easy to clean. Notice any dust or dirt on it? Just wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth! The inside of the set is covered in a textured microfiber that you will love. Microfiber is k
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Back to School

Back To School Tips: Moving into a Dorm

Back to school time is already here – where did the summer go? College kids are packing up and getting ready to head off to the dorms, and if it is their first year it can be a very overwhelming process. What do you bring with? What do you keep at home? Does your roommate have things you are missing? How will everything fit in such a small space? There will always be some surprises, but with these simple back t
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Featured Friday: Velocity Sectionals

This week, we’re featuring our Velocity sectional group! This clean, contemporary 2-piece sectional is available in two colors: Shiitake and Latte. Both of these neutral, decorator-friendly colors make it easy for you to add any kind of fashion pillows to create your own personal style. Change up the look of this piece with different accent pillows for different seasons. Velocity is a beautiful, stain-resistant
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Featured Friday: Editor Wheat Reclining Sectional

The weekend is almost here, so that means it’s time for our weekly Featured Friday! We want to showcase a gorgeous new reclining sectional we just added to our lineup – the Editor Wheat. This luxurious, spacious reclining Editor Wheat sectional will make a bold statement in your living room and offers plenty of seating for the whole family. Everyone can put their feet up with dual reclining seats and a ge
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Featured Friday: Elizabeth Royal Sofa and Loveseat

As Rebecca Black would say, it’s Friday, Friday – and we’re so excited to give you a special preview on our newest item for this week’s Featured Friday! The Elizabeth Royal sofa and loveseat set will be filtering into select stores soon, and we know you’ll love it. The gorgeous Elizabeth Royal sofa and loveseat set is covered in a plush, high-end Topaz-like chenille. This fabric is known
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