Palance Sable

Featured Friday: Palance Sable and Ulysses Charcoal

Winter weather is heading our way again this weekend, so what better items to feature than warm, inviting Ulysses Charcoal and Palance Sable sofa and loveseat sets? These gorgeous new sets bring casual comfort into your home and provide the ultimate relaxation spot. The oversized, plush frame and pillow-top armrests are super soft, so you can stretch out in any position you want. Fixed backs keep your cushions from s
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Tips for Decorating a Teenage Bedroom

Anyone who has a teenager (or has been one) knows how difficult it can be to find something he or she will enjoy for the long-term, whether it is fashion, music, or even home décor. This can make decorating a teenage bedroom a seemingly impossible task. Luckily, there are some easy tips to keep in mind that can please even the most fickle of teens. Choose Décor First. The first and most important step is to work with
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Favorite Couch

Customer Choice: Pick Your Favorite Couch

We have our eye on these two gorgeous, high-end designer couches and have been thinking about adding one of them to our upholstery line-up! The problem is, we cannot decide which one is our favorite couch. Is it the dark brown with the gorgeous wood front, intricate detailing, and traditional accent pillows? Or maybe the more contemporary cream-colored sofa with unique accent pillows in shades of browns and blues and
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Aegean Power Motion Recliners

Featured Friday: Aegean Power Motion Recliners

I’m definitely looking forward to watching the final hockey games of the Olympics this weekend, and I have to say I wouldn’t mind kicking back to enjoy them in one of our Aegean Power Motion Recliners! The Aegean power motion recliner comes in two colors – wine and cocoa. It is covered in a high-endurance textured Simmons microfiber that is both comfortable and durable. You’ll love the super p
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Home Office

Creating a Stylish, Functional, and Productive Home Office Space

Doing work at home does not mean that your home office space has to be drab and boring. Unlike a corporate setting, having an office at your house allows you to incorporate your personality into your design. Below are some great tips for easily making this office space yours. Choose the Perfect Home Office Location When picking which room you want for your office space, don’t automatically choose something with the s
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Twillo Marine

Find the Differences: Twillo Marine Sofa and Loveseat

The Twillo Marine is a fun new set with a modern color palette you’ll love! It is currently available in select stores, but can be ordered at any location. The Twillo sofa and loveseat set has a beautiful modern flair! It is covered in a stunning teal blue microfiber that stands up to every day wear and tear with ease. Two accent pillows with a fun, bright pattern add style to this set while dark feet pop again
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Featured Friday: Strata Bedroom Set

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you want a modern bedroom set, the Strata bedroom set is for you! This Valentine’s Day, we’re featuring this an awesome new bedroom suite that will be making its way into our lineup over the next several weeks. The Strata bedroom set is a brand new beautiful, modern set to our lineup. It features clean, square shapes paired with linear elements. The off-center placement of the stre
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Combining Red and Pink in Home Décor

Red and pink are not usually considered to be two colors that work well together, but in honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to show you that these two shades could exist together in harmony – even in home décor! When working with pink and red in your home, be sure to use varying shades. Not only does this create interest and keep the room from becoming boring or overwhelming, but it also brings a sense of harmony to
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Tuesday Teaser: Bedroom Unscramble

For this week’s Tuesday Teaser, we’ve got a bedroom unscramble puzzle for you! This  particular suite has a fresh, modern vibe with edgy asymmetrical details and eye-catching metallic accents. The modern design features include clean, square shapes paired with linear elements and off-center placement of streamlined bar-pull hardware on all case pieces. Vertical brushed nickel color inserts in the mirror a
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Featured Friday: Shimmer Magnetite Sectional

Check out this week’s Featured Friday – The Shimmer Magnetite Sectional! This beautiful new addition to our lineup is covered in two unique fabrics. The outside cloth is gorgeous magnetite shimmer bronze leather like, and then your seat covers are luxurious crushed velvet. This set screams modern elegance with its animal print pillows that, when looked at closely, have shiny silver strands woven throughou
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