Featured Friday: Perfect Care 5000 Mattress

Have you been having difficulty sleeping lately? Do you toss and turn, wake up in the middle of the night, or have aches in your back? The problem might be less about your body and more about what your body is lying on. A bad sleep routine could be signs that you need to buy a new mattress. If you sleep better on a hotel bed than on your own bed, you are in need of a new mattress!

Most of us spend one-third of our lives in bed. With that being said, you should never skimp on your mattress purchase. A bed is a long term investment, because usually you will have it for about 10 years. Our Perfect Care 5000 Mattress by Stewart & Hamilton® is an amazing investment!

Our Perfect Care 5000 mattress is covered in a crisp white fabric with maroon accents. The top of the bed provides you with an ultra-plush, extremely comfortable pillow top filled with 4lbs of Visco Memory foam, giving you the highest level of air flow circulation and amazing support system for a cooler, more comfortable sleeping surface!

Perfect Care 5000 Mattress

The “meat” of your Perfect Care 5000 mattress is the most important feature. If you do not have a high quality interior, you can kiss your hard earned money goodbye! The inside of the Perfect Care 5000 mattress has a total Foam Encasement with a Verti-Coil alternating coil system that supplies you with 660 (queen) or 896 (king) individually wrapped coils. This is important because they reduce motion transfer for a more peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. These coils flex independently of each other and contour to your body weight and shape for optimum support!

The foam-encased perimeter gives you up to 20% more sleeping space, right up to the very edge of the bed – no roll off or pinched legs for you! 🙂 Our alternating coil support system is the most advanced offset coil system available on the market today. Smaller coils along the diameter create better support for the comfort layers (our layers are a part of our personalized G-Flex Gel Quilting Technology that offers a cooler experience by wicking heat away from your body and providing pressure relief) and the center support zone equalizes body weight for uniform support and individualized head to toe comfort.

Don’t be afraid to try our beds out when you come into one of our many locations! If the Perfect Care 5000 isn’t for you, there are also the 3000 & 4000 models, along with a multitude of other series options.

These days you can find all kind of beds: beds that recline, beds with remote controls & many more. You can buy one of these if you want, but remember: a bed’s main purpose is to recharge your batteries and give you an amazing night’s sleep. Don’t waste your money on expensive beds with lots of gadgets; instead, make a wise decision and purchase something that will improve your life!