All Shades of Gray

‘Fifty shades of grey’ has a whole different meaning for us…we love to DECORATE with many shades of (the color) gray!

It’s a 2015 décor trend that continues to grow. And why not? It’s versatile, classic, and the color pairings are endless. There tends to be a version for every style choice. Have an affection for contemporary? Go for a cool, icy gray. If you’re going for something homier, pick a warm muddy tone.

As always, good advice for decorating is, if you’re unsure, start small. Thinking paint for the walls? Start with a small bathroom and see how you like it.

Layering different shades and textures of gray on gray, is also being considered a sophisticated look that has staying power.

Trying to picture the different shades? Let us help!

  • Light gray:This is a cool color where you have to squint to make sure that it’s really gray. Take for example, American Freight’s Josephine Sofa and Loveseat Collection. There’s just a hint of gray; where you can paint the walls when just a tiny bit of change is needed. The great thing about this shade is that it works as a neutral so well, since it is very close to white. 
  • Taupe: Taupe is loosely defined as a darker mix of gray and beige. And voila, you have the mystery of the Omaha Grey 6 Piece Dinette set from American Freight. It’s a subtle, yet earthy color, and in the case of the Omaha set, gorgeously weathered. It’s an excellent versatile backdrop for dining room accessories of any color, which makes it a styling dream.
  • Gray-green: This shade of gray is soothing and you might not understand why…you just feel. That’s because there’s a touch of green, which is calming and natural. Put the Stoked Ash Sofa and Loveseat in a room where you want to unwind. Just say that the color promotes relaxation.
  • Charcoal gray: Charcoal gray is the rich uncle of the gray family. Charcoal calls on sophistication. Charcoal is slick and trendy. Use charcoal in one statement, like a large piece of furniture, or paint the walls in this shade. Don’t go overboard with this gray shade though…it can look harsh if there’s too much.

    Charcoal Gray Flyer Sectional

    Charcoal: Flyer Sectional

  • Gray:  There are so many more shades of gray than we have room to discuss in this blog post, but we want to leave you with this: you can’t go wrong with gray, just gray. Look at American Freight’s Flannel Seal Sectional, pictured below. It’s beautiful on its own. Now, just start imagining. Imagine it with yellow. Love it! With red? So modern, (and college football themed, if you live in Ohio). Gray and navy blue? Classic combo. Even with brown. Who knew? Try it! Going for walls this color? Pair it with white woodwork. Clean and crisp. Throw in touches of jewel tones. Swoon. Like we said. You can’t go wrong.

Are you loving this color moment? Have you always loved it and are thinking to yourself, what’s so new about this? Let us know your thoughts!


Lauren is a professional copywriter at American Freight Furniture and Mattress. She enjoys spending time with her family, decorating (and then redecorating) her home, and spending time wherever there are shelves of books!