Paint Sample

Decorate with COLOR in Two Unpredictable Spaces!

Color is not only connected to happy feelings but also important memories. So if you have colors in mind that make you feel a certain (good) way, incorporate them into your home. After all, what makes a home the most special is that it makes you feel good. And color can do that. But how do you do that in unpredictable spaces? Bedrooms, especially kid’s bedrooms, are a no-brainer for including color. An accent wall in
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Papering the Powder Room

Wallpaper is still having its day in the sun and the latest fun place to hang it up is in a half bathroom. Why? 1. It’s one of the smaller places in your home, and most likely you won’t look at it often enough to get sick of it. But when the door is left open, there’s a quick visual punch. 2. And why not? There can be one a in your home that detours from the style found in the rest of it. 3. And last, wallpaper can b
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