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Confused About Bed Frame Styles? Here’s a Guide (with pictures!)

A bed is a bed is a bed…or is it? It’s hard to imagine that there are so many styles of bed frames, until you start shopping for one. Which one is best for you and your bedroom?  Low-post bed. Just like our very own Norman Bedroom Set, this style of bed frame is traditionally grand (in the family of a canopy, or four post bed) but not as tall or imposing. On a low-post bed, the posts can be simple, (set o
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Buying a Bed Frame

A bed frame not only can provide added comfort because it puts the mattress and box spring in a higher position; it can also help create extra space for storage or complement the design of a particular room. However, in order to enjoy the many benefits a bed frame can bring, you need to choose the right one. American Freight reviews several important factors you should consider before purchasing a frame: Type of Fram
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