Valentine's Day

Color Your Valentine’s Day Red, Pink, Purple, White, Silver….

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are gathered here today to round up all of our Valentine’s Day furniture and present them to you in a pretty, shiny bundle, hopefully resulting in a long and meaningful relationship. Get ready for more red, purple, pink, and pops of romantic white and silver that can furnish every room in your home! Are you ready to go on a date and check out one of American Freight’s valentines?
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Pastel Wall

Pastels in the Winter?! Yeah, Baby (Blue)!

Soft pinks, greens, purples, and blues! It’s no secret that we love neutrals: they’re classic colors and typically, neutrals look good with everything. In the winter season, we especially gravitate toward the hibernation colors: grays, blacks, and whites. Pastels hues are commonly associated with spring and summer, but this winter pastels are making an appearance.  And why not? We need something to cheer us up! Bring
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The Wall Above the Bed (DUM, DUM, DUM)

A bedroom is one of the most important parts of your home design scheme. It should be the sanctuary that you want away from the rest of the house, and from the outside world. The bedroom does bring along certain décor challenges: the required furniture that makes a bedroom, a bedroom. That would be some kind of storage like dressers, and of course, a bed. This may make furnishing a little more difficult but does crea
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