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Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day: Reds, Whites, and Blues

Everyday Low Prices! This Presidents’ Day weekend, visit your local American Freight for affordable furniture with unbelievably low prices and quality brands that you trust. We offer traditional, modern and transitional style furniture to fit any home décor.   In honor of the holiday, enjoy American Freight’s red, white and blue!                       
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Home Personality

(More) Home Personality

There’s no place like home, right? In all the chaos that life can bring, home should be the happy retreat that makes you feel the protected, away from everything else. These aspects of home are important. Some would say, most important. It’s important that stress can be eliminated after coming home, and your home should be able to help in a number of ways. If where you live makes you happy, makes you feel uplifted, a
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Emily Storage Bedroom Set

Emily Black Storage Bedroom Set: Featured Friday

Black Bedroom Set for Black Friday! A very common New Year resolution is to get more organized, and American Freight is here to help! After all, isn’t being organized and tidy just as easy as finding a place to store your belongings? We love the look of an all black bedroom set for freedom with decorating. The Emily Storage Bedroom Set is stylishly sleek, yet offers all the help you need to keep things off of t
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What Is Your Holiday Decorating Style?

Are you… Glam? You consider the holidays the best time to be extravagant! You are able to combine glitter, sparkle, along with a giving spirit. Decorate BIG. Go with bold prints and unexpected, fun colors for the winter season.                  Modern? You like tradition but you don’t want to decorate traditionally. You want the clean, minimal look: neat type, metallic colors, and u
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Featured Friday: Sweden Mattress Collection

Fit for Royalty. The Sweden Mattress Collection looks like it belongs in a castle, and you know the old saying “a man’s home is his castle.” Our updated version: “Your home is your castle.” So it’s time to start sleeping like the king or queen of your home. The Sweden Mattress Collection includes a queen-sized mattress (60″ x 80″), a king mattress (76″ x 80″), and boasts 2” of ventilated gel m
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Key Considerations for Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

There comes a point in every parent’s life when it’s time to decorate—or redecorate—a child’s bedroom. Though decorating a kid’s bedroom may appear to be a simplistic endeavor, it can often take just as much consideration and investment of resources as selecting a living room furniture set. How so? The reality is that while many kids have lots of unique ideas about how they want their bedroom to look, it isn’t always
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Featured Friday: Hannah Bedroom Set

Classic and Timeless – The Hannah Bedroom Set A beautifully designed bedroom set will add style and character to any bedroom that needs a facelift. It’s all about the details! In the sea of brown, our Hannah Bedroom collection will give you a light and refreshing retreat at the end of a long day. Get lost in all the fine details that our Hannah Bedroom collection has to offer…. This charming collection is craft
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Mattress Myths

5 Mattress Myths Solved We’ve all heard them – mattress myths that we aren’t sure whether to believe or not. Wander no more! We are here to answer these top 5 mattress myths: 1. You need to replace your mattress every 8 years. This is not necessarily true. You will find that some mattresses won’t last a full 8 years, while others last much longer than eight years. It all depends on the quality of th
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Featured Friday: Fantasia Pink Trundle Bed

Space Saving Children’s Bed Making the most of space is so important in smaller bedrooms or apartments. If you have two children who share a room, or just need some extra storage space, we have the perfect bed for you! The Fantasia Pink Trundle Bed for children will be sure to brighten any room with it’s pretty pink color. This bed was designed with soft, well-padded edges for durability and to add safety for c
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Create Positive Energy in your Home with Feng Shui

The purpose of feng shui is to create positive energy, which equates to a happy home and living environment. By taking classic feng shui elements and applying them to your home, you will create a positive and healthy atmosphere for yourself and your family. American Freight Reviews wants you to enjoy all the potential benefits feng shui can offer you – happiness, health and prosperity. The following are feng shui gui
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