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It’s Only the Beginning! New Spring Furniture!

Looking for something brand new to furnish your home? American Freight is stocking brand new furniture this spring! Here’s a sample…for complete inventory check out our website!                                                   (1204)
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The New Fall Power Color: Pink?

When we think of fall, we don’t really think about certain colors. Golds, yes. Reds, yes. Yellow, brown, orange? Yes, yes, and yes! But pink? Maybe we should get used to it. Pink is showing up all over the fashion community, in clothes AND in home décor. Shades of pink, light blush hues all the way up on the shocking scale to bright fuchsia is all fair game when making it your main statement color, or as a small acce
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Factory Select Sofa and Loveseat

What’s New at American Freight Furniture!

It’s the end of summer 2016, and the merchandise at American Freight Furniture is hot! These brand new sofas, dining sets, and bedroom sets are brand new. Check your local store for availability, and furnish your home with all the newest home furniture! Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below! (100)
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bedroom closet

Bedroom Storage: How to Make the Best of Your Closet Situation

Is your bedroom in need of a storage makeover? Do you need more, and need it organized, too, while you’re at it? It’s an ideal time to go through your closet, donate what you don’t want or need, and make sure everything that remains, is in order. We have some simple, inexpensive, and hopeful solutions, to make sure you’re not attacked by falling items every time you open the closet door.   Go Big. This first step mig
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Confused About Bed Frame Styles? Here’s a Guide (with pictures!)

A bed is a bed is a bed…or is it? It’s hard to imagine that there are so many styles of bed frames, until you start shopping for one. Which one is best for you and your bedroom?  Low-post bed. Just like our very own Norman Bedroom Set, this style of bed frame is traditionally grand (in the family of a canopy, or four post bed) but not as tall or imposing. On a low-post bed, the posts can be simple, (set o
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Kid’s Bedrooms: From Wall Murals to Bedroom Sets

More than likely, a child’s room will be their own for 18 (or more) years, so the decorating and personality should continue to reflect as they get older. That means that while the room should fit interests and hobbies as the years fly by, it should also be transitional so a 16-year-old is not stuck with the same wallpaper as when they were an infant. And even if your family ends up moving often, or two kids share a
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