July Home

Your July Home

This isn’t the kind of house work that will interrupt your summertime fun…it’s more like some consistent daily maintenance that will help your home feel some love without too much blood, sweat, and tears. Quick and Easy Clean Porch Lights. Outside “living” is big in the summer so now more than ever your outdoor space should be in tip-top shape. One small detail that gets overlooked frequently is the glass covering yo
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May Checklist

May Home Checklist

Yikes, we’re already into the second week of May, but there’s still plenty of days to check items off your list! This month is all about preparation and maintenance so you can actually spend time relaxing and enjoying the summer, and not roughing it preforming hard labor. Mother’s Day is just around the corner (don’t forget your mom!) and Memorial Day is at the end of the month and that is usually the perfect long we
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Ten for June: A Checklist

It’s June. Can you believe it? We are halfway through 2016. Before you know it, we’ll be throwing out delicious holiday foods and chatting about the chilly weather. But first things first! We have the summer! There’s so much to prepare for: hot weather, outdoor parties, hot weather, vacations, hot weather, and “summer-proofing” your home. So, what needs to be done to ready your home for the season? OFFICIALLY, summer
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