What Color Should THIS Room Be?

Have you ever thought about why you feel especially good in a certain space? You may have hit the jackpot of the perfect pairing: the right room with its right color. Do you want to create that feeling in your own home, or in EVERY room in your home? Learn what certain colors can do. Is a color calming? Can a color make you hungry, or on the flip side, not hungry? Is there a color that will make you sleep better? Let
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Paint Sample

Decorate with COLOR in Two Unpredictable Spaces!

Color is not only connected to happy feelings but also important memories. So if you have colors in mind that make you feel a certain (good) way, incorporate them into your home. After all, what makes a home the most special is that it makes you feel good. And color can do that. But how do you do that in unpredictable spaces? Bedrooms, especially kid’s bedrooms, are a no-brainer for including color. An accent wall in
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Color Shy

Color Shy? Do This!

Color doesn’t automatically mean colorful. Wait. What? As much as we love a red sofa, or teal sectional as a statement piece, some people have a more subtle design aesthetic. Some people don’t want to paint one wall bright orange, but they do want to incorporate color into a room. So how you do it? How do you introduce color when you’re still a little color shy? Mix up the Neutrals. You’re neutral and you want to sta
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Break Free from Your Color Comfort Zone

Do you have a color problem? I mean, do you find yourself picking the same colors for your home as often as you eat the same salad for lunch? Do you need to branch out in both respects? (Yes, you do). Colors can represent types of personality, and how people want to feel in certain spaces. Are you a person who craves calmness, or social engagements? Energy, or serenity? And what if you just turned everything you felt
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