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Grown-Up Decorating Tricks on a Budget

Does your home feel “unfinished”? Do you ever feel like you are stuck in an old styling rut? Are you limited to a very strict budget? Take your current space and transform it from a “before” to an “after” while not breaking the bank. Some of these decorating “tricks” may sound like every trick you’ve ever heard or read about on every home decorating show or website article. But honestly, they are tried and true for a
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Decorate Your Home, on a Budget, WITHOUT DIY

Would you love to be an expert DIY-er, but find you’re lacking the skills when it actually comes down to completing a project? Join the club! But take heart. DIY is not the only way to design your home on a budget. Save money while decorating your home, but put the glue gun down. Go Discount Store Shopping: We have a great discount furniture store in mind…American Freight Furniture sells a variety of home furnishings
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Our Favorite Interior Design Themes for 2015

Are you ready for an interior design upgrade this year? We are, too! Each year we fall in love with exciting new interior design concepts that inspire and challenge us to think more creatively about ways to refine our living spaces. If you know you’re ready for a change, but aren’t quite sure where to start, the following features some of our favorite interior design themes for 2015, all of which can be i
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Simple Ways to Stay Organized

Keeping a home organized can be a challenging task. Despite your best intentions to keep your living spaces free of clutter, disorganization often seems inevitable. Remote controls, magazines, empty glasses, dirty clothes, loose change, toys that never found their way back to the shelf . . . the list of displaced items goes on and on. Disorganization also seems to happen gradually and subtly; the little choices you m
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Finding the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Space

A coffee table is an often overlooked and under-appreciated element of a living room; however, this piece of furniture actually has a much greater impact on the overall aesthetic and function of a space than we sometimes give it credit for. In fact, it can serve as the defining feature (or detractor) of a living room. Unsure of what makes for a perfect coffee table? This definition is no doubt specific to every indiv
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Featured Friday: Hannah Bedroom Set

Classic and Timeless – The Hannah Bedroom Set A beautifully designed bedroom set will add style and character to any bedroom that needs a facelift. It’s all about the details! In the sea of brown, our Hannah Bedroom collection will give you a light and refreshing retreat at the end of a long day. Get lost in all the fine details that our Hannah Bedroom collection has to offer…. This charming collection is craft
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Create Your Stylish Living Room Set Today

At American Freight, we understand the importance of striking a balance between style and affordability. It’s challenging to find stylish living room sets that reflect popular trends but which are still reasonably priced.  However, at great low-cost furniture distribution centers like American Freight, trends can be implemented and adapted from our wide selection of newly manufactured, high-quality name brand furnitu
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The Big Game – Being a Host

The Big Game – Being a Host When it comes to hosting parties for games during football season (or any season), there are many things to consider in the planning process. You want your guests to be comfortable and to enjoy themself. You also want it to be stress free and easy on yourself, so you can enjoy the big game, too! Here are some tips to make your party that much more enjoyable: Food You want to be able to ple
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Labor Day Weekend Furniture Sale

Florida, Georgia, and Virginia Holding End of the Month Specials

American Freight Furniture and Mattress will be discounting a variety of furniture items for end of the month specials in West Melbourne, Port Orange, Orlando North, Gainesville, Ocala, Miami, Stuart, Ft. Lauderdale, and Tampa, FL; Marietta and Norcross, GA; Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, and Whitesboro, NY; and Richmond and Newport News, VA, this weekend only with a variety of discounted items available. These furni
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Utica sidewalk sale

End of the Month Furniture Sale in Virginia, Florida

American Freight Furniture and Mattress will be hosting an end of the month furniture sale in Ocala, Fl; Gainesville, FL; Richmond, VA; and Newport News, VA, this weekend only with a variety of discounted items available. These furniture sale events are held to quickly liquidate particular pieces of furniture, including closeouts, discontinued items, scratch and dent, mismatched pieces from larger sets, shipping erro
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