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Make Your Dorm Room Your Home Away From Home

The college dorms: where you have half a room (more or less) to make completely your own. Freeeeeeeedom! Except there might be some rules. What you can use to hang pictures on the walls. Or the very limited ways that you can arrange your space: do the beds have to stay bunked? Can they fit in the room in any other way? So, read your rule books, talk to you RA, and try some furniture moving first, and then read this f
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Dorm room

Dorm Room Decor Tips for Back to School

It’s that time of year when kids are heading back to school and moving off to college. For many students, the first year in their dorm room is also their first year away from home in their own space that they can decorate however they choose! However, a dorm room can be limiting because, much like many apartments, there are specific rules for what can and cannot be done in terms of decoration. While many dorms
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