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Spring Flowers and Holiday Florals

Who doesn’t like flowers? Even if they make you sneeze there’s no denying they are the best, hands down, décor for the home. And there’s no better time to use them then now: just around the corner from the Easter holiday, and smack in the middle of the spring season! And of course if you’re going for the spring flower home refresh then the rest of your home should be JUST as fresh. Simple, easy, and floral: here we g
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8 Ways to Use Florals

If you’re thinking that florals are old-fashioned, or meant for children only, you may have missed this trend memo. Floral patterns are making a comeback in fashion, for both clothes and home. You’ll never be able to let spring and summer leave once some floral design makes itself at home.   Florals can be anywhere. The bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen, too. Florals can be delicate and florals
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