fourth of July
Red, white and blue

DIY: Red, White, Blue (and keep the bugs away!) 4th of July Candles!

  Love the 4th of July, America, but not the bugs that are prominently buzzing around your head this time of year? Boom! We have the solution for you! Don’t let another B-B-Q, pool party, or night porch sitting be ruined ever again! (Check out the awesome original Popsugar DIY post, and to make sure your candle looks exactly right!) These red, white, and blue candles are used with such scents that will keep the
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Americana Decor

Americana Decor Ideas for Your Home

Classic Americana decor has been making waves in homes throughout the country. There are many ways to bring the Americana feel into your home, whether you go with patriotic, farmland, nautical, or regional American inspiration. Geography, history, and folk art are just a few of the common themes you’ll see regardless of which Americana decor style you choose. There are some easy tips to remember that will keep
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