Creating an Awesome Kid’s Bedroom on a Budget

Children are expensive. From birth, until they finally move out, (and let’s face it, even AFTER they move out), you’re spending, in one form or another. Children’s bedrooms don’t have to be expensive to furnish or decorate. They can be personalized, yet transitional in order to be changed every few years when your child wants something different. And this can all be done on a budget. Fresh paint on the walls is a fas
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Embrace Quirkiness in the Home

Quirky. That’s a good thing, right? When it comes to quirky people and quirky decorating, it’s fabulous! Not everything has to be in a straight line and lined up neatly, so if you’re the type of person that can go a little random, a little bit wild, yes, a little bit quirky, go for it! If you’re a newbie to the quirkiness, let us explain. Who knows, you might already be on the quirky home design scale and not even kn
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No Stress Party Hosting

Listen. At some point, hopefully soon, the weather will stop being so uncooperative, people will want to stop hibernating in their homes, and everyone will want to get together and socialize, (right?). If you’re a host at heart then you’re probably itching for an occasion to plan an event. But maybe, while you want to be a host at heart, you haven’t had enough practice, and you’re stressing. Take a moment and conquer
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Conquer the Winter Blues

Are you spending the dwindling winter days just wishing that winter would go away, and fast? All the fun winter activities have been done: the snow sledding, the ice skating, the winter weather driving. (Oh wait, that last one isn’t fun). So, now you’re just searching for something new, something that will make these last few weeks (hopefully) speed by. Luckily, we have a few suggestions for winter entertainment.   
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Holiday Cheer: Decor

American Freight’s Spread the Cheer Contest: Most Popular Entries

We enjoyed looking through the Spread the Cheer contest entries so much that we decided to keeping the cheer going through January! We also received so many submissions we had to break the most popular ones into categories. Cheer comes in all sorts of ways: Cute animals, delicious food, festive decor, and of course, fun!   HOLIDAY CHEER:  ANIMALS Cute puppy in lights Cute cat in a hat Two puppies + a bed + cozy
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