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Happy and Creative Year

Home Décor: Trending in 2017!

New year, new you, new home! And lucky for us there’s new trending looks that are design ready for your 2017 home! If you are creating or building your own home now might be the time to consider open concept spaces, for example a kitchen the flows into the living and dining room area without the barrier of any walls. This is an idea that won’t go out of style either, especially if you love spending time with the peop
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A Recipe for a Well-Dressed Room

There’s plenty of articles, videos, and blogs out there to reference the rules of dressing yourself well, but THIS blog post is about dressing your HOME well. Just like a few different clothing pieces can practically guarantee a put-together outfit, there are several ideas that can do the same for a home. So, pull it together and make your home match you!  Set Your Mood with Wall Color Wall Ambiance. Tone. Mood. All
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Blue and Green

Keeping Up with the Blue and Green

Summer is so close to being over, but that doesn’t mean the colors in your home have to automatically switch to oranges, browns, reds, and yellows. It is okay to keep summer in your heart, and it’s also okay to look at it all year long. And what better encompasses the feeling of summer better than the combination of blues and greens?   The good news is that any combination of blues and greens look good together. Just
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Working with a Window Wall

Huge windows in a home are a wonderful selling point. There’s comfort in enjoying natural light all day, feeling the warmth of the sun, even when it’s cold outside, and feeling connected to the world outside. Not to mention, if you have a pet, a window seat is probably their most favorite spot in the world. But the difficulty comes when decorating a window wall. What do you do? Leave it alone?  Decorate tall? Decorat
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A Fresh Spin on Laundry Rooms

If you haven’t thought about redecorating your laundry room, you should. More than likely, you’re spending a good amount of time in there, and it’s BORING. It doesn’t have to be fun, but it can at least look like fun! And it’s probably a space where no one follows you…because that may mean they’ll have to help. So, why not make it a place where you don’t mind sorting, folding, and sock matching?    Of course, laundry
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What Is Your Holiday Decorating Style?

Are you… Glam? You consider the holidays the best time to be extravagant! You are able to combine glitter, sparkle, along with a giving spirit. Decorate BIG. Go with bold prints and unexpected, fun colors for the winter season.                  Modern? You like tradition but you don’t want to decorate traditionally. You want the clean, minimal look: neat type, metallic colors, and u
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Using Curtains, Unexpectedly

Curtains and draperies aren’t just for the windows, anymore. There are so many beautiful fabrics available and so many different, and unique, ways to use them. Drape curtains on the sides or behind the bed: Drapes on both sides of the bed gives the room a cushioned and softer feel. This styling trick especially works when you have an off center window placement. By hanging the curtains in a balanced way, it bring sym
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Adding Romance to Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home – you sleep there, relax there, and escape the stresses of the day there. It can also be one of the messiest places in your home when it comes to laundry that needs to be put away, a bed that needs to be made, and more. Regardless of your busy schedule or tight budget, there are some easy things you can with home decor to bring romance into your
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color blocking

Decor Trend: Color Blocking a Room

The color blocking trend is huge in fashion right now, but it’s also making its way into the home decor world. Color blocking is a simple way to add bold flavor to any space, and it can have a huge impact when it is done correctly. Use the color wheel. Picking the right color scheme is the most important step when color blocking. You want to be sure that the colors you choose work well together, so utilizing th
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decorating mistakes

Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

These days, there are so many tips for how to decorate your home in the best way possible. Having these tips can be great, but it can also lead to an overwhelming, cluttered feeling that is nothing like you imagined in your head. The truth is, when it comes to home decor it is just as important to know which common decorating mistakes to avoid. Too Much of One Accessory Accessories can be a great way to bring your pe
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