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Neutral Living Rooms

With the ever-changing decorating and furniture trends of bold statements, patterned accents, and neon colors, going for a neutral look has become something that people are straying away from. However, decorating with neutrals can create an absolutely beautiful look, too. Many people associate neutral with boring, but if you know how to use neutrals in the right way, they can be just as stunning as a rich color. When
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2016 Decorating Trends for the Home

Color Trend: Pantone’s (pink) Rose Quartz (soft blue) Serenity. Jewel toned blue and green. Creams, whites, browns, and “greige.” Orangey red. This year’s color trends are unexpected, random and a little wild. It’s about embracing the balance of warmth and tranquility, and encouraging unexpected color combinations and pops of color.                                                                                      
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9 Signs That You’re Obsessed with Styling Your Home

Some people like vintage cars. Others like shoe shopping. And then others, are obsessed with styling their home. Are you one of them? (Believe us…we understand!) Find out if this list applies to you. 1. The walls in your home are always changing. Different colors, different wallpaper. It’s hard to keep the walls the same, when there’s just so much out there to experiment with, and so little time!   2. Like an ou
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Pet dog at home

Pet-Friendly Tips for Your Home

If you have a pet in your home, you know who the boss is…and more than likely, it’s not you. So while four-legged family members are running the house, it’s relatively easy to create a pet-friendly home, that’s also human friendly. Have you stepped in the water bowl one too many times? A strong tail wag knocked a glass off the table ALSO one too many times? As long as there are animals there will be fur and muddy paw
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kitchen makeover

Simple Kitchen Makeover Ideas

A kitchen makeover is a great way to add value to your home, but many people avoid doing so because they think it has to be an expensive project. In reality, there are some simple ways to can update your kitchen without emptying your wallet – we’ve noted some of them below. Paint, paint, paint. Updating the paint in your kitchen is a great way to add character. Use neutral colors – this way you can
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right paint color

Picking the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Painting your home can be a big undertaking, and for some people the biggest challenge is simply choosing the right paint color to go with. Having a huge room in a color you don’t love can be difficult to live with, so finding a hue you’ll love for the long-run is important. Anyone who has looked into painting a room knows how many colors there are to choose from! With these easy tips, you can find the pe
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Stress-Free Ways to Decorate Your Home as a Couple

Moving in with your significant other is a huge step – most of the time, people worry about how they will deal with finances and living with the other person’s habits. One thing a lot of couple’s don’t consider before they move in together is how they will compromise when it comes to wanting to decorate your home as a couple. Men and women have very different ways of shopping for furniture and
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Welcome to the New Home Blog from American Freight Furniture!

American Freight Furniture is proud to present a brand new home blog focusing on design tips, decorating ideas, DIY projects, furniture information, and more! We hope this blog will be a great resource for our customers and home owners. Look forward to informative posts, video tutorials, guest blogs, and more. We’re sure you’ll love the direction of this blog. If there are any home-related topics you̵
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