Creating an Awesome Kid’s Bedroom on a Budget

Children are expensive. From birth, until they finally move out, (and let’s face it, even AFTER they move out), you’re spending, in one form or another. Children’s bedrooms don’t have to be expensive to furnish or decorate. They can be personalized, yet transitional in order to be changed every few years when your child wants something different. And this can all be done on a budget. Fresh paint on the walls is a fas
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Kid’s Bedrooms: From Wall Murals to Bedroom Sets

More than likely, a child’s room will be their own for 18 (or more) years, so the decorating and personality should continue to reflect as they get older. That means that while the room should fit interests and hobbies as the years fly by, it should also be transitional so a 16-year-old is not stuck with the same wallpaper as when they were an infant. And even if your family ends up moving often, or two kids share a
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