laundry room

A Fresh Spin on Laundry Rooms

If you haven’t thought about redecorating your laundry room, you should. More than likely, you’re spending a good amount of time in there, and it’s BORING. It doesn’t have to be fun, but it can at least look like fun! And it’s probably a space where no one follows you…because that may mean they’ll have to help. So, why not make it a place where you don’t mind sorting, folding, and sock matching?    Of course, laundry
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Revive your Laundry Room with a touch of Modern Design

In the past, the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen were the main places that people focused on when decorating their home. Recently, however, more and more people have begun to expand their home décor ideas to unlikely spaces like the laundry room. Pinterest is filled with ideas for creating luxurious laundry rooms, with everything from high-end machines to simple, affordable organization ideas that can be
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