It’s Only the Beginning! New Spring Furniture!

Looking for something brand new to furnish your home? American Freight is stocking brand new furniture this spring! Here’s a sample…for complete inventory check out our website!                                                   (1346)
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Fix Your Envy with More Green

There’s so many different shades of green. When using it while decorating, it all depends on the kind of green you really love. Are you feeling the slightly moody, jeweled tone? Or are you feeling the springy, light-hued color that is found outside? No matter what shade of green you choose to surround yourself with you have plenty of options from which to choose. It’s fresh, and is definitely not boring. Emeral
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All Shades of Gray

‘Fifty shades of grey’ has a whole different meaning for us…we love to DECORATE with many shades of (the color) gray! It’s a 2015 décor trend that continues to grow. And why not? It’s versatile, classic, and the color pairings are endless. There tends to be a version for every style choice. Have an affection for contemporary? Go for a cool, icy gray. If you’re going for something homier, pick a warm muddy tone. As al
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Sectionals vs. Sofas (plus a loveseat)

When it comes to buying a gorgeous new piece of comfortable furniture you can’t lose. There are some factors as to which type of couch is best for you, your home and your lifestyle. The big question: Sectional or Sofa? American Freight reviews sectionals, sofas, (and loveseats) from manufacturers who have a surplus of supply due to closeouts, buyouts, cancelled orders, overruns, and unclaimed freights. Sectiona
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