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Empty Nest

Empty Nest, Extra Room: Ideas for a Grown Child’s Room

Your nest is empty?! Finally! Your grown kids are gone and the house is all yours again! For whatever reason, they have moved out: school, work, does it matter? Now you have one, or more, glorious vacant room(s). Sure there are the obvious uses for an extra bedroom, like a guest bedroom or office, but we know you have something else in mind. Think about your personal interests (remember those?) and construct a space
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Maximize Your Space. Maximize Your Style.

It makes sense. The more you try to maximize the space in your home, the more you must expand your home design ideas creatively. How can you maximize your space while still living in a stylish home?  The Open Layout Kitchen Remove over-sized appliances and break down the walls between the kitchen and the adjoining room to create a space that feels (and is!) larger. What is becoming popular is distinguishing the kitch
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