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To-Do List

Your January To-Do List

The new year starts now! Actually, it started four days ago but the first week is all about training yourself to not write 2016 anymore. The rest of your January 2017 to-do list begins now! Create a healthy kitchen that will help create a healthy you.  If this is an aspect of your life that may need a little nudge, start in the kitchen. Make a statement display of vegetable and fruits so that they’re the first thing
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2016 Decorating Trends for the Home

Color Trend: Pantone’s (pink) Rose Quartz (soft blue) Serenity. Jewel toned blue and green. Creams, whites, browns, and “greige.” Orangey red. This year’s color trends are unexpected, random and a little wild. It’s about embracing the balance of warmth and tranquility, and encouraging unexpected color combinations and pops of color.                                                                                      
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Home Design Trends for 2015

One of the fun parts of a new year is the process of polishing, renewing, and improving ourselves and the world around us. And even if some resolutions only last until January 15th, it’s still fun to try and strive for excellence. Is one of your resolutions to give your home a face lift for 2015? It’s a relatively safe way to spark creativity throughout the year. Experiment with some of the up-coming trends, and if y
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New Years Refresh Thank You

10 Ways to Refresh for the New Year

There are so many reasons to refresh yourself, your lifestyle, and your home, for the New Year. Below, we have a, not entirely random, list of ways to refresh your home. And maybe whatever else you would like to refresh will follow closely behind. 1. Saying Goodbye to Sentimental Objects This may be harder than it seems, and why so many people put it off until they have so many belongings EVERYWHERE and are overwhelm
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