New Years Refresh Thank You

10 Ways to Refresh for the New Year

There are so many reasons to refresh yourself, your lifestyle, and your home, for the New Year. Below, we have a, not entirely random, list of ways to refresh your home. And maybe whatever else you would like to refresh will follow closely behind. 1. Saying Goodbye to Sentimental Objects This may be harder than it seems, and why so many people put it off until they have so many belongings EVERYWHERE and are overwhelm
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Refresh Your Living Room, Simply, for the Holidays

Are you entertaining this holiday season and your main living space needs some freshening up? The living room is where you, your friends, and family will probably be spending the most time. Here are some ways to revamp your space for the holiday celebrations, and then if you like it, it’s a new start for the New Year, too! This may be difficult, but imagine your room EMPTY. No furniture, nothing on the walls, or the
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