Wood and White

6 Ways to Combine Wood and White

Sleek, modern, neutral, and serene. Can one style aesthetic really encompass so many different words? Yes. And when you begin to think about the wood and white combination design you’ll understand. And it’s simple to execute. White highlights the clean and the calm, and also allows the texture and the deep finish of the wood to pop. Wood Bedroom Set. White Walls. Picture the scene: wood and white in the bedroom. Wood
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Modern Rustic Decor Ideas for Your Home

Camping. Hikes through the local parks. Picnics at the beach. Do you have the word ‘rustic’ on your mind this season? You’re in luck! Rustic home décor is a huge trend right now. How can you achieve it without dragging dirt, leaves, and muddy water into the house? Get that classic and refined, yet natural style that brings the outside, in.  Accessorize on! We’re talking glass. We’re talking iron, and we’re talking co
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Spring 2016 Home Decor Trends

New season, new trends. What’s big for the 2016 spring season? Nature inspired or natural elements: Pops of color on anything! Try berry, cobalt, yellow, orange, purple, and light gray for a touch of sophistication. Mixed rustic and industrial materials for interest and surprise. Lantern lighting! Fresh, modern, statement fixtures. Still more trends! Try typography, gold, and texture.  What trend will YOU try t
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What Millennials Want

Are you a part of the millennial generation? Do you know what you want? (No? That’s okay!). But even if you’re still figuring out the bigger aspects of life, you may have some help with decorating your home while looking at the trends that are popular with your peers. Let us know if you find yourself preferring any of the following preferred (“millennial”) décor. How about wood, in terms of a rustic look?
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Montana Bedroom Set

Featured Friday: Montana Bedroom Set

There is no better bedroom set to highlight as the fall season approaches than the Montana Bedroom Set. It is beautiful, rustic, and unique, and would look fabulous in a vacation mountain home…it would also look perfect in any bedroom, located anywhere. The casual rugged character of the wood, a rustic buckskin color, the sturdy styling, and a knotty pine finish is accented by metal corner brackets.  The comforting a
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Country Charm: Rustic Style for Your Home

For some, rustic styling comes naturally whether because of locale or because of a skill, like carpentry. But this type of style appeals to many people who may just not know where to begin. The rustic style is comforting and warm. It’s pulling from long ago and is proof that everything DOES eventually come full circle. Embrace the rustic touches by: Looking into flooring. Wood floors that have a grain or texture, but
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