No Time

Timeless Home Decor for All Styles

Sometimes there’s a paradox to decorating your home. You love to make your home look nice, but you don’t love decorating all the time. Is there a way to do it once and never do it again? Is it really possible to create a look that is classic and timeless enough to last many years without looking outdated or out of style? Yes. Yes, there is a classic and timeless way to cultivate a beautiful home that looks high end,
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Pastel Wall

Pastels in the Winter?! Yeah, Baby (Blue)!

Soft pinks, greens, purples, and blues! It’s no secret that we love neutrals: they’re classic colors and typically, neutrals look good with everything. In the winter season, we especially gravitate toward the hibernation colors: grays, blacks, and whites. Pastels hues are commonly associated with spring and summer, but this winter pastels are making an appearance.  And why not? We need something to cheer us up! Bring
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Factory Select Sofa and Loveseat

What’s New at American Freight Furniture!

It’s the end of summer 2016, and the merchandise at American Freight Furniture is hot! These brand new sofas, dining sets, and bedroom sets are brand new. Check your local store for availability, and furnish your home with all the newest home furniture! Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below! (176)
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Want Airy, Fresh, and Bright? Go for all White!

Have you been told that decorating with white is boring? That patterns and colors are the only way to create excitement? (You might have even read those thoughts here, on this very blog). But we’re proving ourselves wrong. White doesn’t have to be boring. Not at all. Not as long as you do it right. Bring the elegance, and the warmth you never thought that you could create with a palette of off-whites in each room. Be
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St. Patrick's Day

Bring Out the Green Today!

Hopefully, you’re wearing some of this  today so you don’t have to deal with any pinching on St. Patrick’s Day. We love green, and not just today, but everyday. You can have green in your home all of the time with our beautiful, greenish hued furniture.  Take a look at our American Freight lucky charms! Don’t be fooled! Look closely…the  beautiful Felix Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat feat
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Blackjack Cocoa Reclining Sectional

Featured Friday: Blackjack Cocoa Reclining Sectional

  The only proper way to have a stay at home movie night is on a proper sofa. In a world of supporting players, American Freight Furniture and Mattress has the STARS and comfort is the main plot line for movie night. The Blackjack Cocoa Reclining Sectional has the comfort part memorized. The Blackjack Reclining Sectional is covered in a soft and durable dark brown bonded leather for the best kind of lounging exp
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Tuesday Teaser

Tuesday Teaser: Find the Differences with the Bacarat Taupe 3 Piece Sectional

We haven’t done a Tuesday Teaser recently, but we’re back with a vengeance! See if you can spot all of the differences…let us know what you see in the comments below! The Bacarat Taupe Sectional is massive! Look at how much room there is for lounging on the plush cushions, and that’s not even including the chaise. The ottoman is perfect for snacks…whatever they may be. (That’s a hi
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History of the sofa

History of the Sofa – Infographic

The history of the sofa goes back farther than many people realize! Thousands of years ago, people were using rocks to create seating for multiple people. Sofas continued to evolve, turning from something only the richest, most powerful people were able to use into a piece of furniture that almost every person had in their home. These days, sofas are one of the most popular items in furniture stores. Whether you are
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Featured Friday: Lowey Tobacco Home Theater Group

It’s a rainy Friday afternoon here at the office, and curling up to enjoy popcorn and a movie at home sounds like the perfect remedy! The Lowey Tobacco home theater group would make the experience even more luxurious, which is why we’re showcasing it in this week’s Featured Friday! The Lowey Tobacco reclining sectional is one of our most popular sets, so we increased the benefits of this set and mad
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Featured Friday: Majestic Two-Piece Sectional

The Majestic two-piece sectional was the champion of our March Furniture Madness challenge, so we figured we would showcase it in this week’s Featured Friday! This sectional beat out sofa and loveseat sets, sectionals, and a bedroom set to move on as the fan favorite for 2014. The Majestic is a trendy two-piece sectional that is covered in a rich grey chenille. This fabric is soft and comfortable – perfec
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