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Translating Design Elements: Kid’s Room to the Living Room

Have you ever decorated a kid’s room? Did you feel that sense of freedom and whimsy that allows you to give into every fun whim? Do you wish you could feel that way when decorating the rest of your home? You can! And if you don’t want to go all out, like in a children’s playroom, there’s small ideas to put into action in order to give your home more creative oomph and delight. As usual, what can we learn from the chi
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Boring Basement

Go Ahead…”Un-Boring” Your Basement

Don’t waste your basement! A basement, if you’re lucky enough to have one that can be inhabited, can be an extension to your upstairs living space, but you’re not held to the same strict decorating confines as a more heavily trafficked area. The basement can be anything you want it to be! Another family room, a calm getaway, or a combination of both. Here’s some ways to create a basement where you can’t wait to spend
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Tuesday Teaser: We’re teasing you with this sofa set!

What do you think about our Tuesday Teaser, the Outback Antique Sofa and Loveseat set? There’s no puzzle today, but the Outback Antique is only available in select stores, so contact YOUR local store to see if it is available today!  Let us know just how much you love the Outback Antique in the comments section below! (128)
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Bingo Brown Sofa and Loveseat

Featured Friday: Bingo Brown Sofa and Loveseat

Some days, or whole entire weekends, are best spent sinking into a comfortable piece of furniture in the comfort of your own home. How does this cozy sofa set look to you? The soft and comfortable Bingo Brown Sofa and Loveseat Set features deep seats, dark brown bonded leather, and detailed lines for a classic and sophisticated style for a living room or a more formal room. The structured sides of the sofas are an at
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Tuesday Teaser

Tuesday Teaser: Unscramble the Name

It’s no mystery that this beautiful, reclining sofa and loveseat set is the perfect fit for your living room, family room, or basement space. But what is the name? Let us know what you figure out in the comments section below for this week’s Tuesday Teaser! (11)
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Highclere Sofa and Loveseat

Featured Friday: Highclere Onyx Sofa and Loveseat

Just in time for Black Friday, one of our newly introduced sofa and loveseat sets just happens to be upholstered in a dramatic, black microfiber that is contemporary and traditional, all at the same time. The Highclere Onyx Sofa and Loveseat is designed traditionally but has the contemporary accents that make it a unique show-stopping piece of furniture. The modern accent elements like the large roll arms, the large,
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Fall Colors

Favorite Fall Color Combinations

Is your home feeling out of season? Do you need to seasonally update with an autumn color palette? We have various fall color combinations that we love, below. ORANGE                 AND         NAVY BLUE     GRAY and PURPLE                         BROWN AND GREEN             Let us know how you feel about them in the comme
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Create an Un-Basement-Like Basement

What is a basement to you? Don’t think about the basement, or non-basement, you have right now, but the basement that you want. What would you use it for? A second living room? A place to stash a pool table, a bar set, or to host parties? What about a place for your kids to play, or a soundproof area for them to play their instruments? Right now, thinking about decorating your basement may be the furthest idea from y
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Object Charcoal Sofa and Loveseat

Featured Friday: Object Charcoal Sofa and Loveseat

Take advantage of the 4th of July holiday (and possibly a three day) weekend and check out one of our newest releases: the striking Object Charcoal Sofa and Loveseat set! The Object Charcoal, also available in Espresso, is designer contemporary style at its best! The sofa and loveseat set features gorgeous charcoal gray cushions that are wrapped in soft, but durable chenille, and is attractively contrasted with the s
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