Valentine's Day

Color Your Valentine’s Day Red, Pink, Purple, White, Silver….

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are gathered here today to round up all of our Valentine’s Day furniture and present them to you in a pretty, shiny bundle, hopefully resulting in a long and meaningful relationship. Get ready for more red, purple, pink, and pops of romantic white and silver that can furnish every room in your home! Are you ready to go on a date and check out one of American Freight’s valentines?
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Pastel Wall

Pastels in the Winter?! Yeah, Baby (Blue)!

Soft pinks, greens, purples, and blues! It’s no secret that we love neutrals: they’re classic colors and typically, neutrals look good with everything. In the winter season, we especially gravitate toward the hibernation colors: grays, blacks, and whites. Pastels hues are commonly associated with spring and summer, but this winter pastels are making an appearance.  And why not? We need something to cheer us up! Bring
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Winter Trends

Warm up with Hot Winter Home Design Trends

Let’s be honest: winter décor trends are never anything that comes out of left field. People love, and are drawn to, the same materials and colors when the weather gets chillier and the holiday season is upon them. The trends that are popular now and will be through March or so should be comfortable, cozy, and of course, stay stylish. Here are a several trends that will withstand the weather! White as snow. Even if y
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Next Level

Take Your Living Room to the Next Level!

Who doesn’t want to take something that you already do, and make it better? Decorating, like anything else, can be taken to the next level. What that means is doing something that you’ve never thought about before. Or doing something different that you have been scared to do before. Let’s start with the room that must walk the line of being stylish, yet comfortable: the living room. The (right-sized) rug ties the roo
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Want Airy, Fresh, and Bright? Go for all White!

Have you been told that decorating with white is boring? That patterns and colors are the only way to create excitement? (You might have even read those thoughts here, on this very blog). But we’re proving ourselves wrong. White doesn’t have to be boring. Not at all. Not as long as you do it right. Bring the elegance, and the warmth you never thought that you could create with a palette of off-whites in each room. Be
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Pick Pocket Brazil Sofa & Loveseat

Rustic Decor Roundup!

Lucky people that have a getaway home in the woods, on the beach, or in the mountains may be very tempted to decorate it with a nod to the location. After all, how fun is it to decorate a house just steps from the beach with a fish and ocean theme? A cabin in the woods just begs for a cutesy forest animal wonderland theme, with a dash of stylish furniture made with various wood materials. But you don’t have to have a
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St. Patrick's Day

Bring Out the Green Today!

Hopefully, you’re wearing some of this  today so you don’t have to deal with any pinching on St. Patrick’s Day. We love green, and not just today, but everyday. You can have green in your home all of the time with our beautiful, greenish hued furniture.  Take a look at our American Freight lucky charms! Don’t be fooled! Look closely…the  beautiful Felix Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat feat
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8 Ways to Use Florals

If you’re thinking that florals are old-fashioned, or meant for children only, you may have missed this trend memo. Floral patterns are making a comeback in fashion, for both clothes and home. You’ll never be able to let spring and summer leave once some floral design makes itself at home.   Florals can be anywhere. The bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen, too. Florals can be delicate and florals
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Soho Cardinal Sofa and Loveseat

Featured Friday: Soho Cardinal Sofa and Loveseat Set

RED. The color of hearts and roses. The mascot of Valentine’s Day. And the color of American Freight’s gorgeous Soho Cardinal Sofa and Loveseat set. An (Impromptu) Ode to the Soho Cardinal  This set by Simmons will strike your heart. Like an arrow from Cupid himself, you’ll fall in love. So stylish and relaxing, you’ll find it hard to part. It will fit your home just like a (red) glove.  This set is the ultimat
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Killington Cayenne Sofa and Loveseat

Featured Friday: Killington Cayenne Sofa & Loveseat

  Nothing says a festive party like a red sofa and loveseat set…and the holidays are the perfect time to introduce this bold color into your home. Celebrate the season gathered around, and on, this beautiful furniture. The Killington Cayenne is covered in an amazing red, high-endurance microfiber by Simmons. It will have no problem standing up to the seasonal wear and tear of entertaining friends and famil
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