flower cupcakes

Spring Flowers and Holiday Florals

Who doesn’t like flowers? Even if they make you sneeze there’s no denying they are the best, hands down, décor for the home. And there’s no better time to use them then now: just around the corner from the Easter holiday, and smack in the middle of the spring season! And of course if you’re going for the spring flower home refresh then the rest of your home should be JUST as fresh. Simple, easy, and floral: here we g
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Spring To Do

April Home To-Do List

It’s the first week of April and you know there’s a whole list of spring cleaning items that need to be checked off. But it’s difficult to remember everything that needs to be done around the house on a daily basis let alone the monthly duties our loyal homes expect. For your convenience and simplicity, here’s a handy system for brushing off the winter and then getting everything done for the warmer months! If you ha
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New Home Decor for May!

May tends to be a transitional month between the spring and the summer seasons. It also tends to be the perfect time to update and freshen up your home so it reflects the seasonal changes (sun and warm temperatures, fingers crossed) that the weather brings. Dedicate the month of May to a big ole, affordable spruce-up for your home. After all, your home does a lot for you: it keeps the rain off your head, provides sha
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