Fall Texture

Texture, Texture, Texture!

What’s just as important as, if not more than, color when decorating a space in your home? If you’re REALLY looking to completely redo a space, different combinations of textures can make a huge design impact. The style of a home has everything to do with the furniture, decorations, patterns, texture, and color. The style that is trending right now is eclectic. Mixing rustic design with modern and contemporary style
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The Importance of Texture

Texture is a strange topic to write about. The point of texture is to touch and feel, something that can’t happen by reading this. But the awesome point about texture is that it can also be SEEN. So hopefully by providing some clear images, we can successfully demonstrate the comfort, beauty, and importance of texture in home design (hence the name of this post). Combine soft and rough: If you happen to have exposed
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Why Varying Texture Matters

We know there are many factors to consider when planning the interior design of a room, but we often don’t think about the texture of the items we intend to fill it with. Texture may seem like a minor consideration in the grand scheme of interior design, but taking the time to think about how texture plays out in your room can significantly change its appearance and feel. The thing about texture, though, is tha
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