Tuesday Teaser
Bedroom Unscramble

Tuesday Teaser: Bedroom Unscramble

For this week’s Tuesday Teaser, we’ve got a bedroom unscramble puzzle for you! This  particular suite has a fresh, modern vibe with edgy asymmetrical details and eye-catching metallic accents. The modern design features include clean, square shapes paired with linear elements and off-center placement of streamlined bar-pull hardware on all case pieces. Vertical brushed nickel color inserts in the mirror a
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Tuesday Teaser: Find the Differences in the Churchill

The Churchill bedroom set is arriving in select stores soon – it is a stunning, breathtaking set that we think you’ll love! The magnificent details of the Churchill Bedroom provide grand, stately character that will create a stunning master retreat in your home. This suite features classic design elements like bowed case fronts, raise frame drawer fronts, egg and dart base moldings, and bold ogee shaped p
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Tuesday Teaser: Living Room Word Search

This week we created a living room word search with furniture-themed terms for our Tuesday Teaser! See if you can find all the words listed and share it with your friends! (14)
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fill in the blanks

Tuesday Teaser: Fill in the Blanks

We’re loving this bed with added storage in the headboard. Fill in the blanks below to uncover the name of this modern platform bed, available at select American Freight Furniture stores. _A_ _ U_     _ _ DD_ _     S_ _ R_ G_     _E_ (0)
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Spot the Details

Tuesday Teaser – Detail Oriented

At American Freight, we’re all about being detail oriented! It is what makes furniture truly special. See if you can spot the details of this set on our website and find the product it corresponds with in this week’s Tuesday Teaser! (6)
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name that product

Name that Product – Tuesday Teaser

Can you find this gorgeous black and red sectional on our website? Name that product and one of the product features in a comment for this week’s Tuesday Teaser! (2)
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Name Scramble

Tuesday Teaser: Name Scramble

This Tuesday Teaser is a name scramble! Seat the entire family in comfort and style with this gorgeous dark brown dining room table and x-back chairs! Can you unscramble the letters below to uncover the name of one of our most popular dining room sets? NAHVAA GTEIH ECPEI TEDINTE (4)
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find the differences

Tuesday Teaser – Find the Differences

For this week’s Tuesday Teaser, we want you to find the differences between these two photos of the Godiva Chocolate Sofa and Loveseat set! There are five differences – do you see them all? Leave a comment with the ones you can find! (10)
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Tuesday Teaser: Fill in the Blanks

For this week’s Tuesday Teaser, fill in the blanks to reveal the name of this adorable new bed – perfect for your little diva! _ _ _ I _ Y_ _ A _ _ R _ E _ _ N P_D_ _ D _ E _ (2)
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Photo Scramble – Tuesday Teaser

Can you solve this photo scramble and figure out which American Freight product it is? It’s this week’s Tuesday Teaser! Hint: This gorgeous set comes in two colors, and has a feature that makes it easy to pass the salt! (4)
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