Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day

Color Your Valentine’s Day Red, Pink, Purple, White, Silver….

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are gathered here today to round up all of our Valentine’s Day furniture and present them to you in a pretty, shiny bundle, hopefully resulting in a long and meaningful relationship. Get ready for more red, purple, pink, and pops of romantic white and silver that can furnish every room in your home! Are you ready to go on a date and check out one of American Freight’s valentines?
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True Love Pink Bedroom Set

Featured Friday: True Love Bedroom Set

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so today we are embracing the bright pink color of the True Love Bedroom Set. And no, we didn’t make up that name just for this post. Trendy, bright, and bold, this bedroom set is THE choice for a child’s bedroom. The hot pink color will completely make over a bedroom, and for a low price. The smooth, crisp lines of the dressers and bed frames, available in twin, full
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Uptown Red Sectional Sofa

Featured Friday: Uptown Red Sectional Sofa

Could you find a better piece of furniture on our website that better suits Valentine’s Day weekend than the Uptown Red Two Piece Sectional Sofa? (If you can, post it in the comments below!) The bright, cherry red sectional bonded leather frame is bold, show-stopping, and a true statement of furniture love. The black and red large scatter back cushions continues the color theme and pairs perfectly with the plush, sof
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Pink and Red

Roses are Red and Pink (So Is Our Furniture!)

Sunday is Valentine’s Day…instead of looking for red, pink, and purple flowers, jewelry, or other standard gifts, try something new. Something that lasts longer, is more comfortable, and is still within the Valentine’s Day color scheme. Luckily, we have a HUGE variety of furniture including sofas, sectionals, beds, and bedroom sets to satisfy your bold color needs! What are you doing for Valentine&#
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Soho Cardinal Sofa and Loveseat

Featured Friday: Soho Cardinal Sofa and Loveseat Set

RED. The color of hearts and roses. The mascot of Valentine’s Day. And the color of American Freight’s gorgeous Soho Cardinal Sofa and Loveseat set. An (Impromptu) Ode to the Soho Cardinal  This set by Simmons will strike your heart. Like an arrow from Cupid himself, you’ll fall in love. So stylish and relaxing, you’ll find it hard to part. It will fit your home just like a (red) glove.  This set is the ultimat
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Combining Furniture, Design, and Homes…Peacefully.

This upcoming Saturday is Valentine’s Day. A day to show the people we love the kind of gratitude that, really, we should be showing them every day of the year. But, it’s also a day of chocolate and flowers, and those things are hard not to love. So, in the spirit of love, chocolate, and compromise, let’s discuss living, and home designing, with another person. Whether it be your partner, sibling, friend, or roommate
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Combining Red and Pink in Home Décor

Red and pink are not usually considered to be two colors that work well together, but in honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to show you that these two shades could exist together in harmony – even in home décor! When working with pink and red in your home, be sure to use varying shades. Not only does this create interest and keep the room from becoming boring or overwhelming, but it also brings a sense of harmony to
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