Wood and White

6 Ways to Combine Wood and White

Sleek, modern, neutral, and serene. Can one style aesthetic really encompass so many different words? Yes. And when you begin to think about the wood and white combination design you’ll understand. And it’s simple to execute. White highlights the clean and the calm, and also allows the texture and the deep finish of the wood to pop. Wood Bedroom Set. White Walls. Picture the scene: wood and white in the bedroom. Wood
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Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day: Reds, Whites, and Blues

Everyday Low Prices! This Presidents’ Day weekend, visit your local American Freight for affordable furniture with unbelievably low prices and quality brands that you trust. We offer traditional, modern and transitional style furniture to fit any home décor.   In honor of the holiday, enjoy American Freight’s red, white and blue!                       
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Valentine's Day

Color Your Valentine’s Day Red, Pink, Purple, White, Silver….

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are gathered here today to round up all of our Valentine’s Day furniture and present them to you in a pretty, shiny bundle, hopefully resulting in a long and meaningful relationship. Get ready for more red, purple, pink, and pops of romantic white and silver that can furnish every room in your home! Are you ready to go on a date and check out one of American Freight’s valentines?
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Winter Trends

Warm up with Hot Winter Home Design Trends

Let’s be honest: winter décor trends are never anything that comes out of left field. People love, and are drawn to, the same materials and colors when the weather gets chillier and the holiday season is upon them. The trends that are popular now and will be through March or so should be comfortable, cozy, and of course, stay stylish. Here are a several trends that will withstand the weather! White as snow. Even if y
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There’s Nothing Better Than Mixing Brights with Whites

Nothing makes a bright color pop more than a background of white. It’s bold. It’s electrifying. It’s vibrant. And adding something exciting to an all-white room is one of the most thrilling parts of home decorating. It’s adding completeness to the incomplete. The bold to the bland. The personality to a blank slate. And bigger and brighter, is better. What colors are the best to get that bright energy moving? Let’s st
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Malibu Recliners

Featured Friday: Malibu (Red, White, and Blue) Recliners

The large, some may say over-sized, Malibu rocker recliners features a waffle design with fully padded chaise and arms. This line is upholstered in plush, velvety Simmons microfiber, which creates durability, comfort, and the simplicity to clean. The Malibu Recliners, available in red, white, and blue, (and also in a chocolate brown but that doesn’t correspond with our 4th of July theme, so that beauty didn’t get a s
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Yahtzee Pearl Reclining Sofa & Loveseat

Discover a Whole New World with White

Is white really white? Not to be philosophical, but what is white? Scientifically, white is the presence of all colors. In home design, white is timeless, versatile, and ALWAYS works. White represents renewal. White is safe. White looks tidy and neat. White can erase mistakes. Not only can a coat of white paint instantly update and refresh a room, it can save you from paying for a space remodel. The color white is no
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Want Airy, Fresh, and Bright? Go for all White!

Have you been told that decorating with white is boring? That patterns and colors are the only way to create excitement? (You might have even read those thoughts here, on this very blog). But we’re proving ourselves wrong. White doesn’t have to be boring. Not at all. Not as long as you do it right. Bring the elegance, and the warmth you never thought that you could create with a palette of off-whites in each room. Be
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