Enjoy the Last Moments of Winter

As much as we want it to not be true, winter is still sticking around. We all may be awaiting the warmer weather and longer days but we should still be appreciating all that this season can give us. The little details like fireplaces, baking, and fun in the snow. Here’s some other cozy, enjoyable treats, and pleasures that will make the rest of the winter worth the cold temperatures. Candles and little lights. Candle
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Windsor Silver Bedroom Set

Featured Friday: Windsor Silver Bedroom Set

Bells, and glitter, and sparkles, and silver, and maybe some snow. Welcome to December. The Windsor Silver Bedroom Set was made for this time of year. It looks like it belongs on the set of an old Hollywood movie because of its classic and glamorous shape and stately traditional details. But don’t get worried if vintage isn’t your style of choice. Thanks to the modern details in the Windsor, like the stunning silver,
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Conquer the Winter Blues

Are you spending the dwindling winter days just wishing that winter would go away, and fast? All the fun winter activities have been done: the snow sledding, the ice skating, the winter weather driving. (Oh wait, that last one isn’t fun). So, now you’re just searching for something new, something that will make these last few weeks (hopefully) speed by. Luckily, we have a few suggestions for winter entertainment.   
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