The New Kitchen Trends

New year, and new trends. Why should the kitchen get left out?! 2016 was a beautiful year for kitchen styles: farmhouse rustic dining tables, white cabinetry, and marble counters. And if you love those looks, they’re not going anywhere but as with every year, we can spot the new designs on the horizon. The kitchen, for many people and families, is the safe place in the home. We eat there, we gather there, we share ou
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Mixing Colors and Making It Work

Feel like your neutral is fading but not quite feeling the bold yet? Thankfully, there’s colors in between that may be just what you’re looking for by mixing colors, mixing a little more, and then tying the room together. Neutral…But Not. Some colors can be mistaken for neutral since they’re also natural hues, like blues and greens. This is because many other colors looks so good side by side with blues and greens. I
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The Color Beige: It Never Left!

Every year there is talk about the new big trends in home décor and design and in the past years there has been chatter about how beige was out, it was done, it was boring and too blah. We never agreed…and guess what? Beige is back. For us, it never left and we can’t wait to tell you why we have always loved the color. Recently, the go-to neutral has been gray and we also can’t argue with that. We also love gray. But
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100% of the Time

Decorating Tips That Always Work

Bonus: All Tips are ‘On a Budget’  Sunny-Side of Life What’s one of the rare free things in life? The sun! Don’t save the sunlight for the warm weather…let it into your home through bare windows. Celebrate the window by adorning it with a pretty valance at the top, or keeping it bare or with light colored curtains. Heavy curtains or drapes scream winter so if you’re winter opposed keep the window treatments fresh. (A
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Leo Blue Bedroom Set

Featured Friday: Leo Blue Bedroom Set

Blue, blue, blue…who doesn’t like the color blue? And if you happen to LOVE the color blue, American Freight is carrying the bedroom set of your dreams…the Leo Blue! Trendy, bright, and bold, the Leo Blue Bedroom Set is THE choice for a child’s bedroom. The bright blue color will completely make over a bedroom without ever having to put a paintbrush on a wall. The smooth, crisp lines of the dressers and bed fra
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To-Do List

Your January To-Do List

The new year starts now! Actually, it started four days ago but the first week is all about training yourself to not write 2016 anymore. The rest of your January 2017 to-do list begins now! Create a healthy kitchen that will help create a healthy you.  If this is an aspect of your life that may need a little nudge, start in the kitchen. Make a statement display of vegetable and fruits so that they’re the first thing
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Happy and Creative Year

Home Décor: Trending in 2017!

New year, new you, new home! And lucky for us there’s new trending looks that are design ready for your 2017 home! If you are creating or building your own home now might be the time to consider open concept spaces, for example a kitchen the flows into the living and dining room area without the barrier of any walls. This is an idea that won’t go out of style either, especially if you love spending time with the peop
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Featured Friday: Outback Antique Sofa and Loveseat

Featured Friday: Outback Antique Sofa and Loveseat

A new year is right around the corner…do you see it? There’s 2017, with one foot in the door. The new year deserves some new furniture and we have over 130 stores across the country that stocked full with new furniture. Here’s one that we really love: The dramatic, yet traditional Outback Antique Sofa and Loveseat set is covered in a tan, subtle yarn woven chenille fabric that is soft to the touch, and includes mix p
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For Your Kind of New Year’s Eve

The new year is right around the corner and it’s time to celebrate the end of the very long year, 2016 and prepare for 2017. Whether you are simply relaxing with a small group on the eve or on the first day of the year, do something, eat something, and drink something that makes you feel good. Some pleasures are simple and others can be a little more elaborate and luxurious proving that celebrating the new year can b
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Bold Rug

Laying Down Bold Rugs

You know what is a great gift for the holidays? An area rug. Think about it…It’s needed (to tie the room together), and it’s usually something that someone may not purchase for themselves (sometimes it’s an expensive buy). But if you’re going for it a bold rug, much like a bold lip, can make a huge statement! Rugs with a pattern and/or a bold color, while amazing and recommended, can be daunting to think about decora
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