Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips to Fill Your Home with Unique Touches

We all want our homes to feel like we live there and not that it’s staged for a television show (although that would be really fun). The personal touches is what helps create a home but believe it or not it can actually be difficult to do. Especially on a non-TV show budget. No matter what your style is, or what mix of styles your style is, your home can and will feel like you, with a few touches. Start (or Display)
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Animal Print

Animal Print: Yes or No?

Where do you fall on the animal print spectrum? Do you look at it as a classic look, or as old-fashioned (and not in a good way)? It’s certainly polarizing. But animal print doesn’t have to remind anyone of animals mounted on the den wall…it can be much more playful, colorful, and can be used as a subtle texture and print. It can (surprisingly, to some) go with everything, like most shades of green, because it’s foun
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Holiday Trends

2016 Winter Holiday Decor Trends: What Kind of Decorator Are You?

The holiday season is rife with tradition but it also comes with seasonal trends that change from year to year.  Nostalgia and retro decorating is very popular this year, and everything old is new again. Farmhouse rustic is also making an appearance, along with fresh natural materials, and for something with a little more sparkle: glam. What kind of home holiday decorator are you? Are You Retro (or want to be)? The h
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Last Minute Festive Holiday Decorating

If you’re finally getting around to decorating your home in the holiday way this weekend then we are here to help! Depending on how in-depth you want to deck out your house we have created two categories ‘Little Touches’, and ‘All In’. Little Touches A simple string of lights outlining the front door. Setting up a menorah, tree, or the one symbol of the holiday season that contains meaning for your home. Hang holiday
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Beautiful Coffee Tables

Coffee Table Eye Candy

Pick a coffee table. Make it nice. More often than not, the coffee table is positioned in the middle of the room so why not make it the center of attention? Step one: choose a gorgeous coffee table. Then design and style it to your heart’s content! Double decker style. Choose a coffee table that has a table top (obviously) but also has a lower shelf. With this setup it’s double the style! Create small towers of coffe
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Simple Holiday Decorating

Save Time and Money on Holiday Decorating

Save Money This Season on Holiday Decorating! The holiday season can be expensive: between the food, the gifts, and the travel expenses it can all add up and subtract from your bank account. We know you would never think about NOT decorating but decorating for the holidays can also cost money, as well as time. But, (gasp!), there is such a concept of being frugal during the holidays, and still do everything that you
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Winter Trends

Warm up with Hot Winter Home Design Trends

Let’s be honest: winter décor trends are never anything that comes out of left field. People love, and are drawn to, the same materials and colors when the weather gets chillier and the holiday season is upon them. The trends that are popular now and will be through March or so should be comfortable, cozy, and of course, stay stylish. Here are a several trends that will withstand the weather! White as snow. Even if y
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Simple Decor

5 Simple and Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Planning and laying out Thanksgiving decor requires inspiration otherwise the landscape will look the same year after year, unnecessarily expensive, or a jumbled mess. No one wants that, especially you, the host. Here’s how to create a table, and a home, that not only looks great but is decorated with materials that leaves some cash to buy the food feast. Adorn the entrance.First impressions will set the tone for a s
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Empty Nest

Empty Nest, Extra Room: Ideas for a Grown Child’s Room

Your nest is empty?! Finally! Your grown kids are gone and the house is all yours again! For whatever reason, they have moved out: school, work, does it matter? Now you have one, or more, glorious vacant room(s). Sure there are the obvious uses for an extra bedroom, like a guest bedroom or office, but we know you have something else in mind. Think about your personal interests (remember those?) and construct a space
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Fall to Winter

Transitional Decorating: From Fall Decor to Winter Decorating

Seasonal decorating. It can feel like it is never-ending. Time doesn’t stand still, neither do the seasons, and there’s always another holiday around the corner. If you don’t want to feel like you spend all of your time tearing down and reconstructing seasonal décor then it’s time to start the seasonal décor overlap. Don’t limit yourself to seasonal colors. Orange, red, yellow colors are popular seasonal colors but t
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