Decorating Tips

Modern Holiday Decor for Your Home

Christmas is just around the corner, but if you’re like me you’re still decorating up until the very last minute. There are so many different options for holiday decorations now, with everything from the timeless green and red to more out-of-the-box decor. And Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive, either – there are tons of ways to make your home festive on a budget. If you want to
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Small Bathroom

Working With a Small Bathroom

One of the biggest problems that a lot of homeowners have is how to decorate rooms that are small. This is often an issue in the bathroom because things like sinks and toilets can take up precious space in a small area. Additionally, these fixtures cannot simply be moved like furniture can in another room. However, there are some great, easy decorating tips that can help you make a small bathroom seem much larger. Us
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