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Cozy Home

5 Reasons to Love a Small Home

Cozy Spaces. The “right” size of a home is all relative to those who live in it. What’s small to some is just the right size for others, but if you end up in a space that you consider small, whether by choice or not, there are plenty of reasons to love a small place. We have the five best reasons included in this post: Cost Effective: Small home means small everything, or less of everything. Not as many belongings. N
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Sky Blue and Color

Sky Blue

The sky is the limit with this blue shade Blue is the most complex of colors. Depending on the shade of blue, and the color combination used, it can project different mood, emotions, or personality. Navy blue can sometimes almost be mistaken for black. Royal blue is a rich, bright blue that seems to brighten up any space where it is placed. And sky blue is a blue that instantly energizes a home that is mainly neutral
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How to Create a Serene and Peaceful Home

Calm Your Home What makes a peaceful and serene space is all in the eye of the people inhabiting it…and even then, the atmosphere can vary from person to person. So, it’s important to know what makes you feel relax and to seek, or create, that ideal situation. Invite the calmness into your home with some simple ideas that you may not have tried before!  Tea corner (or coffee corner, or wine corner). Whatever makes yo
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Black and Pastels

Fresh New Look: Black and Pastels

Today is Halloween so we’re embracing the dark color of black. But beyond Halloween, a balanced home breaks up the dark with light colored accents. Add a little sugar to the black to make your décor not so spooky. What’s the best color of sweet to be paired with black? The answer may surprise you: pastels. Pastels, which can veer toward spring, or baby, themed décor can feel very fresh and modern when contrasted next
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Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Decorating a new home is challenging. It can put a strain on a household budget, and it’s tough to figure out how to get your home to look exactly as you have pictured, if you’re not a professional. An apartment is even more challenging as the space may be smaller, but it is harder to get into a mentality of decorating for permanence when you know you may not live there for a long period of time. First, your home, no
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A Cozy Fall Home

Hello, Fall 2016…welcome! We are ready to get cozy! The crisp autumn air, the beautiful falling foliage, and of course, the pumpkin flavored everything. Get your home in peak coziness condition. What does this entail? Blankets, candles, and, of course, pumpkins. But, what else? Let’s see how we can up the coziness factor! But first, just a few quick cozy home updates: a lamp with a softer glow an upholstered bed fram
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Fireplace Mantle Styling

The struggle is real: what to do with a fireplace mantel? Many people (ahem) feel like this is the most complicated place to decorate. Do you change it up for the seasons? What’s the scale rule? Is it okay to leave it empty? Your mantel actually is a great place to get stylish and decorative, but it easily become TOO MUCH. So where do you stop? Let’s get some answers! Art that perfectly ‘fits’ A perfectly polished lo
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The New Fall Power Color: Pink?

When we think of fall, we don’t really think about certain colors. Golds, yes. Reds, yes. Yellow, brown, orange? Yes, yes, and yes! But pink? Maybe we should get used to it. Pink is showing up all over the fashion community, in clothes AND in home décor. Shades of pink, light blush hues all the way up on the shocking scale to bright fuchsia is all fair game when making it your main statement color, or as a small acce
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Vase of Flowers

Home Decor Details

You have the furniture. You have the walls painted. The landscaping is finally complete. But your home still doesn’t feel done. It feels bare and unpolished. This is the point where we say, ‘don’t forget the details!’ These details will bring the elegance while still being inexpensive. Get ready to fill in the gaps! Lantern Lighting. Rethink your everyday standard lighting fixtures and transform them into classic, ye
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Uptown Almond Sectional Sofa

A World Gone Beige

Beige? Beige?!The ‘IT’ seasonal color is BEIGE? Okay, wait. We can get behind this. Beige. Ahh…beige is easy. It’s a calm place to rest your eyes. And if beige had a tagline, it would be ‘Beige. It goes with everything.’ Yes. We can get behind beige.  See? It’s time for beige to have its day, again! Let’s freshen it up, update this neutral, and charm everyone! What is beige? It’s tan. Sorta. What is tan? In cer
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