Decorating Tips
Fall Woods

Fall. Is. Officially. Here.

The sky turns that beautiful blue. The air is a little less heavy and humid. The green leaves turn and make way for the dance with glorious oranges and reds and yellow. Football. Halloween. Thanksgiving. What else can we say? Natural fall decorations is not only a simple way to decorate for the season but actually very cost effective. The more natural décor can transcend the autumn months rather than buying very spec
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There’s Nothing Better Than Mixing Brights with Whites

Nothing makes a bright color pop more than a background of white. It’s bold. It’s electrifying. It’s vibrant. And adding something exciting to an all-white room is one of the most thrilling parts of home decorating. It’s adding completeness to the incomplete. The bold to the bland. The personality to a blank slate. And bigger and brighter, is better. What colors are the best to get that bright energy moving? Let’s st
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Coffee Station

Organizing: The Natural Progression of Cleanliness

Organization doesn’t just happen. There’s a few initial steps that need to happen before your home is the streamlined organizational system that you’ve dreamed about. There’s something that may be stopping you. And the name of that is clutter. Remove it first! And then follow these steps for the easiest ways that also makes sense. Begin where it matters the most. Start with the start of your day and where you visit t
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Give and Take

Decorating Your First Home…Together

The big step. It’s practically the BIGGEST step you can take in a relationship…moving in together and then DECORATING TOGETHER. How do you do it? Do you have to throw out precious items that you’ve had in your own home to make room for someone else’s precious things? What’s on the compromise list and what isn’t? What about a budget? And how, oh how, are two styles expected to be combined successfully and tastefully?
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Kitchen: A Little Bit Modern, A Little Bit Country

A mix of modern and country styles!? Is it possible? Yes! How? Read on! When thinking about a kitchen, what is important? Nice, non-cramped flow. Storage o’plenty. Function, of course. And if possible, a room with a view. But also, a mix of styles that look completely natural. There’s nothing more modern OR country than an open concept kitchen and making it the center of the home. We all know the kitchen is where, no
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Small Bedroom? Small Problem.

Is your bedroom not all that you’ve dreamed it would be? Do you sit on your bed to use your desk? Is there just a very small perimeter to walk next to your bed? Then this is all for you! Let’s stop using words like ‘small’ and ‘cramped.’ Let’s start using words like ‘cozy’ and ‘quaint.’ Okay. Is your mind set changing? You can do so much CUTE in a small, we mean cozy, bedroom. Have you heard decorating cozy bedrooms
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Natural Texture

Don’t Let Neutral Decor Be Boring

Think neutral means boring? Think again! Neutrals can boost a sense of peace and classic styles without losing any sense of personality or trending designs. You just have to build and layer your space in the “right” way. The neutral basic are the building blocks, like paint, large rugs, and of course, our favorite, furniture. Then add in the colorful, personal accessories like art and photographs for the walls, books
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Home Office

The Home Office

What do you want out of an office? Is it a place where you will REALLY be working in, or is it the place where you keep your computer? Do you want it to be a plain, professional room so there’s no distractions or is going to be a happy place? You probably have ideas, plans, and objects that need organized…are you looking for your office space to fulfill this purpose? These are all questions that need answered before
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Paint Sample

Decorate with COLOR in Two Unpredictable Spaces!

Color is not only connected to happy feelings but also important memories. So if you have colors in mind that make you feel a certain (good) way, incorporate them into your home. After all, what makes a home the most special is that it makes you feel good. And color can do that. But how do you do that in unpredictable spaces? Bedrooms, especially kid’s bedrooms, are a no-brainer for including color. An accent wall in
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Back to School

Make Your Dorm Room Your Home Away From Home

The college dorms: where you have half a room (more or less) to make completely your own. Freeeeeeeedom! Except there might be some rules. What you can use to hang pictures on the walls. Or the very limited ways that you can arrange your space: do the beds have to stay bunked? Can they fit in the room in any other way? So, read your rule books, talk to you RA, and try some furniture moving first, and then read this f
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