Decorating Tips
Beautiful Coffee Tables

Coffee Table Eye Candy

Pick a coffee table. Make it nice. More often than not, the coffee table is positioned in the middle of the room so why not make it the center of attention? Step one: choose a gorgeous coffee table. Then design and style it to your heart’s content! Double decker style. Choose a coffee table that has a table top (obviously) but also has a lower shelf. With this setup it’s double the style! Create small towers of coffe
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Simple Holiday Decorating

Save Time and Money on Holiday Decorating

Save Money This Season on Holiday Decorating! The holiday season can be expensive: between the food, the gifts, and the travel expenses it can all add up and subtract from your bank account. We know you would never think about NOT decorating but decorating for the holidays can also cost money, as well as time. But, (gasp!), there is such a concept of being frugal during the holidays, and still do everything that you
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Winter Trends

Warm up with Hot Winter Home Design Trends

Let’s be honest: winter décor trends are never anything that comes out of left field. People love, and are drawn to, the same materials and colors when the weather gets chillier and the holiday season is upon them. The trends that are popular now and will be through March or so should be comfortable, cozy, and of course, stay stylish. Here are a several trends that will withstand the weather! White as snow. Even if y
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Simple Decor

5 Simple and Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Planning and laying out Thanksgiving decor requires inspiration otherwise the landscape will look the same year after year, unnecessarily expensive, or a jumbled mess. No one wants that, especially you, the host. Here’s how to create a table, and a home, that not only looks great but is decorated with materials that leaves some cash to buy the food feast. Adorn the entrance.First impressions will set the tone for a s
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Empty Nest

Empty Nest, Extra Room: Ideas for a Grown Child’s Room

Your nest is empty?! Finally! Your grown kids are gone and the house is all yours again! For whatever reason, they have moved out: school, work, does it matter? Now you have one, or more, glorious vacant room(s). Sure there are the obvious uses for an extra bedroom, like a guest bedroom or office, but we know you have something else in mind. Think about your personal interests (remember those?) and construct a space
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Fall to Winter

Transitional Decorating: From Fall Decor to Winter Decorating

Seasonal decorating. It can feel like it is never-ending. Time doesn’t stand still, neither do the seasons, and there’s always another holiday around the corner. If you don’t want to feel like you spend all of your time tearing down and reconstructing seasonal décor then it’s time to start the seasonal décor overlap. Don’t limit yourself to seasonal colors. Orange, red, yellow colors are popular seasonal colors but t
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Cozy Home

5 Reasons to Love a Small Home

Cozy Spaces. The “right” size of a home is all relative to those who live in it. What’s small to some is just the right size for others, but if you end up in a space that you consider small, whether by choice or not, there are plenty of reasons to love a small place. We have the five best reasons included in this post: Cost Effective: Small home means small everything, or less of everything. Not as many belongings. N
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Sky Blue and Color

Sky Blue

The sky is the limit with this blue shade Blue is the most complex of colors. Depending on the shade of blue, and the color combination used, it can project different mood, emotions, or personality. Navy blue can sometimes almost be mistaken for black. Royal blue is a rich, bright blue that seems to brighten up any space where it is placed. And sky blue is a blue that instantly energizes a home that is mainly neutral
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How to Create a Serene and Peaceful Home

Calm Your Home What makes a peaceful and serene space is all in the eye of the people inhabiting it…and even then, the atmosphere can vary from person to person. So, it’s important to know what makes you feel relax and to seek, or create, that ideal situation. Invite the calmness into your home with some simple ideas that you may not have tried before!  Tea corner (or coffee corner, or wine corner). Whatever makes yo
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Black and Pastels

Fresh New Look: Black and Pastels

Today is Halloween so we’re embracing the dark color of black. But beyond Halloween, a balanced home breaks up the dark with light colored accents. Add a little sugar to the black to make your décor not so spooky. What’s the best color of sweet to be paired with black? The answer may surprise you: pastels. Pastels, which can veer toward spring, or baby, themed décor can feel very fresh and modern when contrasted next
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