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You don't have to hide from flipping mattress

Flipping Mattresses or No? New Jamison Mattresses Offer Options

What’s the Deal with Flipping Mattresses? Our customers ask us about flipping mattresses all the time. Some questions we get often include: Can you flip all mattresses? Should you flip all mattresses? Should you flip pillow top mattresses? When is best to flip a mattress? What if you aren’t able to physically lift the mattress? Is rotating mattresses an option? In order to get a firm response, we talked t
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Let's Talk about Motion Furniture American Freight blog

Devotion to Motion Furniture | 3 Types Explained

What is Motion Furniture? Motion Furniture Defined If you’re shopping for living room furniture, there is a good chance you’re overwhelmed. There are so many options out there! And a lot of options that appear to be very similar at first glance. When shopping in-store, our customers ask us: what exactly does “motion furniture” mean? Does it mean it moves? Does it have an electric plug? What is
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American Freight greeting card, sofas from $198

Sofa so Good in 2018! Sofas From $198

Sofas from $198 : Featured Friday We have something for everyone at American Freight! If you’re looking to update your living room furniture, look no further. As the poem says: “Roses are red, violets are blue, we’ve got sofas and loveseats, and sectionals, too!” Save hundreds off MSRP, stop by your local store, and see all our sofas from $198! We have a wide selection. Some of our biggest sav
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Yellow pillow on neutral wall

3 Easy Ways to Take Your Furniture Home Today

Take Your Furniture Home Today. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3! At American Freight, we pride ourselves on making quality furniture and mattresses available to everyone, on any budget. And even though most of us prefer to plan ahead, sometimes you need a bed, mattress, or couch right away, when you least expect it. Maybe your living situation has changed suddenly, or maybe you were affected by one of the many recent hur
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Velvet Bedroom

Bedroom Design Trends | What’s In For 2018

2018 Home Design Trends | Bedroom We hope your 2018 is off to a great start! This year is all about decorating like royalty, from accessories to bedroom suites. Recently we discussed ways to decorate using the purpley-blue Ultraviolet color of the year, and these bold decorating ideas fit right in. Check out these regal bedroom design trends for 2018! Velvets This luxurious fabric is not just limited to clothing. Uti
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Neutral Nighstands Featured Friday

Neutral Nightstands: Update Your Bedroom Affordably

Neutral Nightstands | Featured Friday The scene: your bedroom. You’re getting ready for bed and it’s been a long day. As you tuck in, you get a glimpse of your hand-me-down nightstands holding some of your most precious belongings. It hits you that you’ve had them for years, and it’s time for something new. It can be a costly investment to upgrade your whole bedroom set. Instead, have you cons
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Simmons Gardena Hybrid Mattress

Why We Love the Simmons Gardena Hybrid Mattress

Simmons Gardena Hybrid Mattress: Featured Friday While it can be challenging to relay the comfort and feel of a mattress to you in written form, we’re trying today for this week’s Featured Friday! The Simmons Gardena Hybrid Mattress is part of the Simmons Recharge Collection. This mattress line incorporates the latest in sleep technologies. This means great sleep for you, with the best support through the
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American Freight Accessories

Accessories: End tables, Floor Lighting, and Table Lamps, Oh my!

Home Accessories: Light Up Your Life and Table Your Troubles When it comes to decorating your living room, bedroom or even your dining room, don’t sell accessories short! Home accessories help tell your story and share your style with guests and family alike. End tables, lamps, and home accessories are often the last items considered, but can be inexpensive ways to show who you are and show off your style. Whil
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STAND for Something or You’ll Fall For Anything

Featured Friday: Espresso 2 Door Media Stand American Freight customers always ask us about our TV and media stands! We currently stock two options: The Thurner Media Chest, topped with simulated marble, and the more classic Espresso 2 Door Media Stand. Please stay tuned on our Facebook page, as we’ll be featuring The Thurner soon via Facebook Live. While today on the blog, right here right now, we’re fea
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Mattress Size Chart for Choosing a Mattress

Bed Size Chart: How to Choose a Mattress

This Bed Size Chart Will Answer All Your Mattress Questions They say we sleep for 1/3 of our lives! Therefore, choosing the right mattress is not just about dimensions. It’s important to consider some important questions about your lifestyle, the way you sleep, and the size of your space first. Then, after asking yourself these questions, use our bed size chart below to help make your best decision. We’ve
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