Buying Tips

10 Reasons to Buy New Furniture

1. You’ve had it since college, or your first apartment with three roommates. It doesn’t even matter if you JUST graduated…get rid of it.           2. Coffee, juice, wine, and milk have been spilled on it more times than you can remember.           3. A cushion’s indent and shape looks exactly like your pet’s body.        &
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Kid’s Bedrooms: From Wall Murals to Bedroom Sets

More than likely, a child’s room will be their own for 18 (or more) years, so the decorating and personality should continue to reflect as they get older. That means that while the room should fit interests and hobbies as the years fly by, it should also be transitional so a 16-year-old is not stuck with the same wallpaper as when they were an infant. And even if your family ends up moving often, or two kids share a
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Small Kitchen

No Clutter Dinette Sets for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that has multiple uses. First and foremost, it is almost always the room to gather in, no matter if you have a large or small group, people always end up hanging out in the kitchen. And of course, there’s the cooking and food related business. If you have a small kitchen, you may think the gathering part is out of the question. But it’s not. You just need to work with th
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Redecorating Your Living Room Affordably for the New Year

Can you believe that we’re already entering another holiday season? The upcoming holidays means that the New Year is just around the corner. If you’re like many Americans, this is the time of the year when you aim to make some changes in your life. One goal you might have is to alter the overall look of your home and specifically your living room. There’s only one problem: now is usually when we spe
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What Should You Consider before Purchasing a Reclining Sofa?

The purchase of a reclining sofa is all about leisure and convenience. It can allow multiple people to experience the comfort of reclining, which is a great idea for a family or visiting guests. There are some extra considerations, though, to keep in mind for this particular piece of furniture. Below, American Freight reviews what to consider when you’re looking for a furniture solution for your living room or den. A
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Three Examples of Matching Your Furniture and Wall Color Schemes

If you’re moving or considering a redesign of your home, you know how important it is to choose the right wall color. It’s the sort of thing you want to get right the first time as it’s a major investment in money and time. There are many different factors that will influence which wall color you pick. One consideration you’ll certainly want to make is the color scheme of your furniture. With
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Home Office

Put Your Office Space to Work

So, you work from home. This post is NOT for you! (You’ll get one, though! Since the possibilities are endless with the design you can put into effect at home, as opposed to an office, that topic warrants its own post. Seriously. You could sit in a leather reclining sofa all day. Lucky.) For those who occupy a desk, cubicle, or office for the majority of the day, and week, it’s important to stay organized in a limite
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10 Signs You Overspent on Retail

Are you having buyer’s regret and wondering why? These situations may sound familiar. 1.  When you discover the retail “discount” isn’t real.               2. Two words: online shipping. Especially for those large items.                 3. A brand name printed on what you bought from a brand name store. So pretty, but s
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Queen vs. King Mattresses: Let the Debate Begin

One of the most important decisions any couple will have is what size mattress is best for them. While the old adage “Bigger is Better” might ring true, the ultimate decision will be dependent on a number of different factors. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what should influence your decision and some of the mattresses we have here at American Freight that might ma
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Formal Living: The Comeback

How to Go Formal Again Formal rooms can transport one back to another time. It may be a memory of a grandparent’s home complete with plastic on the furniture, and extended family holiday dinners. But a connection to the past is comforting, and there is something special about a room devoted to eating, visiting, and entertaining. It seems many people are feeling this way, as formal living areas are making a comeback,
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