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Small Bedroom? Small Problem.

Is your bedroom not all that you’ve dreamed it would be? Do you sit on your bed to use your desk? Is there just a very small perimeter to walk next to your bed? Then this is all for you! Let’s stop using words like ‘small’ and ‘cramped.’ Let’s start using words like ‘cozy’ and ‘quaint.’ Okay. Is your mind set changing? You can do so much CUTE in a small, we mean cozy, bedroom. Have you heard decorating cozy bedrooms
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Back to School

Make Your Dorm Room Your Home Away From Home

The college dorms: where you have half a room (more or less) to make completely your own. Freeeeeeeedom! Except there might be some rules. What you can use to hang pictures on the walls. Or the very limited ways that you can arrange your space: do the beds have to stay bunked? Can they fit in the room in any other way? So, read your rule books, talk to you RA, and try some furniture moving first, and then read this f
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Give the Appearance of ‘Adulting’ at Home

You have a job. You pay your bills. And you have your own home. But maybe you don’t feel like such a grown-up. How can you fake it? How can you give the appearance to others, and start convincing yourself, that you’re succeeding at this so-called adult life? Like, with many things, it all begins at home. The Bathroom: It’s the first sign of adulthood. Why? Because think about what your bathroom looked like when you w
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Green Home

Easy, Affordable, and Eco-Friendly

These days it’s relatively easy to be environmentally conscious. Taking the steps to put that consciousness into action can be a little more difficult especially incorporating that state of mind into your home. Recycling bin, check. Compost pile in the garden, done. But what do you do inside your home, or with your furniture? Where to begin with your “greenness”? It can be easy and it doesn’t have to mean a major rem
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Create a Better Bedroom for Sleep

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep and your bedroom is to blame, something is wrong. And it can be fixed. It’s time to rearrange and redecorate to promote the best sleep that you can possibly have. Let’s rethink, redo, and relax! Let your mind rest. And how do you do that? Well, take out clutter that busies your brain. Clear out your bedroom in such a way that anything that you look at, doesn’t require though
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Trim Your Decorating Budget

It sounds difficult. It sounds like you have to pick between your dream home design style, and spending money. And you may have to make some allowances when decorating on a budget but it doesn’t have to mean you have to give up everything. Let’s do it right!  There’s some basic decisions that will help keep a budget under control without sacrificing fun: Choose a simple color palette of classic finishes that won’t go
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Pick Pocket Brazil Sofa & Loveseat

Why Roll Arm Sofas Are The ‘Now Big Thing!’

You’ve probably admired a roll arm sofa lately and didn’t even realize how on trend and in style they are right now…because they look so transitional, and any bold color or pattern looks completely natural on them. The reason that roll-arm sofas are so popular is because they have a classic frame style which can figure into any home, no matter the home’s unique and personal décor style.         Th
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It’s Time to Talk about a Budget (Again!)

…You may groan and start feeling sad. The wishes of a lottery win may be thrown around, but the reality is that most people need to set a budget for the different aspects in their life. But a budget doesn’t have to be a deterrent to having great style and great furniture in your home. Don’t fret! Budget is no longer a dreaded word. This is easy…wish for what you want! Compile, list, make an online board, whatever you
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Seeing “Marble” at American Freight Furniture

Everywhere you turn you’re seeing marble. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the entryway. It’s trending in home décor right now especially when it is paired with other metal, like brass. Marble is popular because it can instantly add touches of luxury and glamour. But marble is expensive. So that’s why it’s smart to decorate with some faux, look-alike pieces. Take a look at what American Freight has to offer for al
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Your First Home: Where to Start?

Whether you have just purchased your own home, or moved in with a roommate to your first apartment, it’s time to go shopping! There’s obviously the basics that can’t be ignored, but there’s a way to inject your personality and get everything that you need without spending too much money or creating clutter.   The Bedroom Go with a transitional style of bedroom set so it never goes out of style and you can keep decora
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