Buying Tips

Creating an Awesome Kid’s Bedroom on a Budget

Children are expensive. From birth, until they finally move out, (and let’s face it, even AFTER they move out), you’re spending, in one form or another. Children’s bedrooms don’t have to be expensive to furnish or decorate. They can be personalized, yet transitional in order to be changed every few years when your child wants something different. And this can all be done on a budget. Fresh paint on the walls is a fas
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Cold Weather Thermometer

Save Your Money on Your Heating Bill (and Furniture!)

It’s cold outside. The heat is on inside. The bill is high. You want it to be lower. Here are some ways to do it:  Drafty windows and doors can be the bane of existence during frigid temperatures. Not only do they give a little blast of cold air to the unlucky person that stands next to it, but there is major heat lost through these outlets. Plastic wrap the draft windows and with tap and shrink it with heat from a h
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Opposites Attract (and Create Beautiful Homes)

Decorating with color in the “correct” way is many people’s design hang-up. How does one know what color to paint the wall? Or, what color rug won’t clash with your sofa set? Too often people are afraid of color and end up not using any at all. So don’t get caught up in the beiges and neutrals. Read on and get comfortable with bold colors. AND get comfortable with using them together. Here are several unexpected colo
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Doing Your Kitchen Up Right

There are a couple different kinds of people in the world: those that live in the kitchen, and those that avoid it at all costs, at least to cook. But no matter how much time you spend in the kitchen, and it may be your new year’s resolution to spend more, it’s still a room in your home, and for that reason alone, it should look cute, and still be able to function properly. Organize your cooking spices. Even if you d
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Decorating for the Holidays on a DIY Budget

The holiday season can be expensive, so if there is any way to cut some corners here and there, and still create the holiday spirit, the tips are always welcome. Decorating doesn’t have to entail spending a lot of money. There are many ways to use natural materials, or make your own crafty decorations. Do you usually use a fresh holiday garland to hang across your mantle or intertwine within the stair railings? Inste
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Combining Lives, Colliding Furniture

Combining lifestyles may be tough, but combining design tastes might be even tougher. When you’re living with someone, may it be just a roommate or a roommate that you also call your partner, it’s a combination of two different lives no matter how alike you are. If your roommate can’t even stand the sound of your favorite TV show there’s a pretty easy solution for that: buy another TV and watch something else. But de
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Fall Decorating, Part 2: The Outside

Last week we tackled decorating the inside of our homes for fall and, as promised, we’re back to complement the inside to the outside! Everything may be a little easier if you have any kind of outside area to work with, like a patio, porch, deck, or front stoop. But even if you don’t we’ll make this work. After all, during the fall and especially Halloween, you can throw some caution to the hopefully, mild, wind. Ora
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Millennial Must Haves!

How you feel about the Millennial generation, perhaps depends on whether you’re in the Millennial generation. This particular age group is hard to pin down: the closest we can get is that Millennials were born between 1980 and the very early 2000s…that’s a big span of ages, (there’s a lot of them!), and they’re making a huge impact on the home, landscaping, furniture, and home design industry.  The top five features
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Blue and Green

Keeping Up with the Blue and Green

Summer is so close to being over, but that doesn’t mean the colors in your home have to automatically switch to oranges, browns, reds, and yellows. It is okay to keep summer in your heart, and it’s also okay to look at it all year long. And what better encompasses the feeling of summer better than the combination of blues and greens?   The good news is that any combination of blues and greens look good together. Just
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Special Dining Room Set

Dining Rooms: Yes or No? (We say, YES!)

Some people may be over the dining room. We’re not. Not by a long shot. And others aren’t over dining rooms either. So, if you’re thinking about turning your dining room into an office space or playroom, think about it just a little bit more. Your dining room can be turn out to be the most interesting room in your home. Whether you entertain often, or just for special occasions, dining rooms should be the designated
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